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Young Actresses: Bit Parts in the Soaps
Young actresses hope that parts in network soap operas lead to larger roles.
May 7, 2007
The five young actresses are listed in clue 14: Faith, Miss West, the one who appeared in "As the Earth Moves," the one who played a nurse, and the woman who had the role of a lawyer. By clue 6, Miss Tremaine isn't the actress who worked on "As the Earth Moves"; and by clue 11, Miss Tremaine isn't Faith. In clue 14, then, Miss Tremaine is one of the two who played a nurse and a lawyer. Similarly, Miss Underwood isn't Faith and wasn't on the "As the Earth Moves" (clue 1), so she played the other of a nurse and a lawyer in clue 14 that Miss Tremaine didn't play. By clue 13, neither Miss Tremaine nor Miss Underwood was in "The Edge of Dawn," so in clue 14, the actress who had a part in "The Edge of Dawn" must be Faith or Miss West--by clue 10, Miss West. Neither Faith (11) nor Miss West (2) had the role as a doctor, so the actress who was in "As the Earth Moves" had the doctor part. She isn't Miss Snow (9) and is then Miss Vaughn. By elimination in clue 14, Faith is Miss Snow. Faith Snow didn't appear in "One Love to Have" or "The Hidden Storm" (9); she was on "City Hospital." Then the actress who played a lawyer did so on "The Hidden Storm," and the one who played a nurse was on "One Love to Have" (7). The latter is Miss Tremaine (1), with Miss Underwood then having a small part on "The Hidden Storm." Faith portrayed a policewoman on "City Hospital" (5), and Miss West was a waitress in her soap opera appearance. Alicia isn't Miss Vaughn (3) or Miss West (8) and wasn't on "One Love to Have" (3); Alicia is Miss Underwood. Elaine isn't Miss Vaughn (4) or Miss West (8); she is Miss Tremaine. Finally, by clue 12, Cheryl is Miss Vaughn and Diana Miss West. In sum, the five aspiring actresses and their soap opera roles are as follows:

  • Faith Snow, policewoman on "City Hospital"
  • Elaine Tremaine, nurse on "One Love to Have"
  • Alicia Underwood, lawyer on "The Hidden Storm"
  • Cheryl Vaughn, doctor on "As the Earth Moves"
  • Diana West, waitress on "The Edge of Dawn"

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