Young Actresses: Bit Parts in the Soaps
Young actresses hope that parts in network soap operas lead to larger roles.
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Agent Arlene Artless recently got each of her five newest clients, including Diana, a small role in an episode of a network TV soap opera. Each actress played a different character in her bit part, with one playing a policewoman. From the clues below, you should be able to find each budding actress's full name, the part she had, and the soap opera on which she briefly appeared.

  1. Miss Underwood, who isn't Faith, didn't appear on either "One Love to Have" or "As the Earth Moves."
  2. The role of doctor wasn't on the "The Edge of Dawn."
  3. Alicia, who isn't Miss Vaughn, isn't the young actress who had the role in "One Love to Have."
  4. Elaine and Miss Vaughn had never done any professional acting before their soap opera roles.
  5. The young actress playing a waitress and the one in the "City Hospital" episode are both daughters of veteran soap opera actors.
  6. The one who had a bit part in "As the Earth Moves" isn't Miss Tremaine.
  7. The actress who worked on "The Hidden Storm" didn't play a nurse.
  8. Neither Elaine nor Alicia had the waitress role and its one line of dialogue.
  9. Miss Snow, who didn't play a doctor, didn't debut on either "One Love to Have" or "The Hidden Storm."
  10. The one who acted on "The Edge of Dawn" isn't Faith.
  11. Faith, who isn't Miss Tremaine, isn't the woman who portrayed a doctor.
  12. Cheryl and Miss West were both offered permanent roles in the soaps in which they appeared.
  13. Neither Miss Tremaine nor Miss Underwood is the actress who had a role in "The Edge of Dawn."
  14. The five young actresss are Faith, Miss West, the one who appeared on "As the Earth Moves," the woman who played a nurse, and the one with the bit part as a lawyer.