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Saturday Night Movie Marathon
Five DVDs in a row make a Movie Marathon for Scott and five friends.
April 23, 2007
By clue 8, Scott didn't watch Borat or Casino Royale 5th. By clue 1, Scott also didn't see Babel 5th. Therefore, Scott watched either The Departed or Man of the Year 5th and last. The film Scott saw with Alex wasn't Man of the Year (clue 4) or The Departed (5), so Alex wasn't Scott's viewing partner for the 5th movie. By clue 1, then, Scott watched either the 3rd or the 4th movie in the Movie Marathon with Alex. If Scott had watched the 4th film with Alex, then Scott would have seen Babel 3rd and shared a pepperoni pizza with the 2nd DVD (1). By clue 3, the movie Scott watched accompanied by chili dogs wasn't Babel. By clue 2, then, Scott would have watched the 3rd movie with Will, and Alex would have brought the chili dogs. All five movies are named in clue 8. If Scott had seen Babel with Will 3rd in the order, in clue 8, Will would have brought stuffed jalapenos to eat--no (2). So, Scott saw the 3rd film with Alex, watched Babel 2nd, and had the pepperoni pizza with the 1st movie in the marathon (1). By clue 2, Scott saw a movie with Will immediately before eating the chili dogs during a movie. Since Scott didn't watch Babel while enjoying the chili dogs (3), Scott was joined by Will for either the 2nd or the 4th DVD. If he had seen Babel with Will 2nd in order, Will would have brought the stuffed jalapenos in clue 8--again, no (2). Therefore, Scott and Will watched the 4th movie together, and the roommate who brought the chili dogs joined Scott for the 5th film. Jason didn't bring the chili dogs (8), nor did Chris (3); David brought chili dogs to share. Since the movie Scott watched with David wasn't The Departed (7), he saw Man of the Year with David. Alex didn't see The Departed with Scott (5) and therefore watched either Borat or Casino Royale. Alex then didn't bring the stuffed jalapenos to eat in clue 8, nor did Will bring the stuffed jalapenos (2). The roommate who brought the stuffed jalapenos watched Babel with Scott. Jason must then have brought the pepperoni pizza (8) and Chris the stuffed jalapenos. Alex brought hot pretzels (4) and Will onion rings to the marathon. Alex saw Borat with Scott (6). Scott was joined in viewing The Departed by Jason and in watching Casino Royale by Will (8). In sum, Scott's Saturday Night Movie Marathon was in order as follows:

  • 1st - The Departed with Jason and pepperoni pizza
  • 2nd - Babel with Chris and stuffed jalapenos
  • 3rd - Borat with Alex and hot pretzels
  • 4th - Casino Royale with Will and onion rings
  • 5th - Man of the Year with David and chili dogs

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