Saturday Night Movie Marathon
Five DVDs in a row make a Movie Marathon for Scott and five friends.
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Saturday evening, Scott Screen held a his own Movie Marathon, watching five recently-released DVDs one after the other. He was joined for each movie by a different one of his five roommates, each of whom brought a different food for the two of them to enjoy while they watched the film. Given the movie guide below, can you order Scott's evening: which movie he watched 1st-5th, which of his roommates joined him in watching that film, and the food they enjoyed during the viewing?

  1. In consecutive order first-to-last, Scott watched a film and ate a pepperoni pizza with one roommate, enjoyed Babel with another friend, and was joined by Alex in watching a third.
  2. Scott saw a movie with Will, who didn't bring the stuffed jalapenos, immediately before watching a film with the roommate who brought chili dogs.
  3. The one who brought chili dogs, who wasn't Chris, didn't watch Babel with Scott.
  4. Alex, who isn't the one who brought the onion rings to eat, wasn't the friend with whom Scott watched Man of the Year.
  5. Scott's The Departed viewing partner wasn't Alex.
  6. The hot pretzels weren't brought by the roommate who saw Casino Royale with Scott.
  7. The movie Scott watched with David wasn't the The Departed.
  8. Scott's five choices for the Movie Marathon were Casino Royale, Borat, the one he watched with Jason, the one that was accompanied by the stuffed jalapenos, and the film that was seen 5th and last.