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The Big Trade
Baseball card collectors make a big trade of Hall-of-Famer cards.
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April 16, 2007
It's that time of year when the Boys of Summer begin play, so it's that time of year when baseball card collectors begin trading cards. Last week, Tony and four other Summerset sixth-graders held a trading session in which each ended up exchanging, after a number of rounds of swapping cards back-and-forth, one of his doubles of a recent Baseball Hall of Fame inductee for a card of a Hall-of-Famer he didn't have in his collection. From the clues below, you should be able to solve this diamond of a Logic Puzzle by finding each boy's full name, the double baseball card he started with, and the Hall-of-Fame player card he took home with him from the Big Trade.

  1. After all the trading was done, no two of the boys ended up simply exchanging the baseball cards they brought to the table.
  2. At one point during the swapping of cards, Brent traded the Robin Yount baseball card to the Ford boy for the Eddie Murray card; neither boy brought either of those two cards to the trading table and neither boy took either of those two cards home with him.
  3. Brent and the Robinson boy have been swapping baseball cards since they were in kindergarten.
  4. The Perez boy's double ended up in the Carlton boy's collection.
  5. David, who isn't the Ford boy, isn't the one who ended up with the Eddie Murray card.
  6. Chad didn't acquire either the Ozzie Smith card or the Kirby Puckett card from the Big Trade.
  7. After the trading, the Robinson boy took home Ian's double.
  8. The Banks boy, the Ford boy, and Ian later traded cards of current Major Leaguers with each other.
  9. The Perez boy didn't end up with the Ozzie Smith card.
  10. The boy who acquired the Wade Boggs card really wanted the Eddie Murray card for his collection, but he never had that card in his possession at any time during the day's trading back-and-forth.
  11. The Banks boy ended up with the card David brought to trade.

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