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Playing Cosmic Armageddon
The choice of equipment at the video game's start makes or breaks a player.
April 9, 2007
From the introduction, no two pieces of equipment Jimmy bought with his initial 6,000 Cosmic Credits cost him the same amount of money. By clue 8, Jimmy paid twice as much for the ATT transponder as he did for the item made on Delpi, which cost 200 more credits than the Tau-manufactured article (clue 4); while by clue 5, Jimmy paid twice as much for the piece of gear made on Xenobus as he paid for the stun shield, which cost him 200 more credits than the Airth-made item (3). Between the four clues, then, either all six pieces of equipment are named or there is some commonality. If all six items were listed, then either the Tau-made (8, 4) or the Airth-made (5, 3) item would have cost Jimmy the least, 200 credits (6). If the piece of gear manufactured on Tau had cost the 200 credits, by clues 4 and 8, the item from Delpi would have cost 400 and the ATT transponder 800. Then the three articles in clues 3 and 5 would have cost 6000-1400, or 4600 credits. Adding the amounts in the two clues with the Airth-made one costing X, the stun shield would have cost X+200 and the Xenobus-manufactured item 2X+400, a total of 4X+600. So, solving, 4X+600 = 4600, or X would equal 1000. But the gear from Xenobus then would have cost Jimmy 2400 credits, contradicting clue 9. If the gear made on Airth had cost the 200 credits, then the Tau-made equipment would have had to cost more than 200 and the ATT transponder would have cost the most--no (1). Therefore, there must be some overlap between the two sets of gear in clues 8, 4 and 5, 3. Xenobus didn't make the ATT transponder and Delpi didn't produce the stun shield, since then the Tau- and Airth-made articles would have cost the same sum, contrary to the introduction. If Tau were the origin of the stun shield, then combining the four clues, given that the ATT transponder didn't cost the most (1) and that the Airth-made item therefore cost the least, 200, the Tau-made gear would have cost 400, that from Delpi 600, the Xenobus-built item 800, and the ATT transponder 1200 credits, a total of 3200. But the sixth would have cost 2800 credits, contradicting clue 9. So, the item Jimmy bought from Airth must be the ATT transponder. If the Tau-made gear didn't cost the low of 200 credits, then the five pieces of gear among the four clues would have cost 5800 credits as follows: the Tau-made one X, the item from Delpi X+200, the ATT transponder from Airth 2X+400, the stun shield 2X+600, and the gear built on Xenobus 4X+1200. Solving, 10X+2400 = 5800, or X = 340. But the Xenobus-made item then would have cost 2560 credits--no (9). So, combining the clues, Jimmy paid 200 credits for the item made on Tau, 400 for the Delpi-produced article, 800 for the the ATT transponder from Airth, 1000 for the stun shield, and 2000 for the gear constructed on Xenobus, a total of 4400, with the sixth then costing 1600. By clue 2, the stun shield was made on Phaetonia, and the gravity boots were a Delpi product. By elimination, the sixth item that cost 1600 credits was manufactured on Landesberg. By clue 10, Tau made the light glasses. The planet Xenobus built the X-Sled and Landesberg the particle rifle (7). In sum, Jimmy's six purchases of equipment at the start of play in Cosmic Armageddon were as follows:

  • 2000 for the Xenobus-made X-Sled
  • 1600 for the Landesberg-made particle rifle
  • 1000 for the Phaetonia-made stun shield
  • 800 for the Airth-made ATT transponder
  • 400 for the Delpi-made gravity boots
  • 200 for the Tau-made light glasses

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