Playing Cosmic Armageddon
The choice of equipment at the video game's start makes or breaks a player.
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When Jimmy Kirk started a new game of Cosmic Armageddon on-line, he used his initial 6,000 Cosmic Credits to buy six different pieces of game equipment, including a particle rifle. Each bit of gear cost a different amount of money, and each was manufactured on a different planet in the game Cosmos. Given the data below, can you determine how many credits Jimmy paid for each article and the planet on which it was made?

  1. The ATT transponder Jimmy bought wasn't his most expensive purchase.
  2. The article from Phaetonia cost 600 more credits than the gravity boots.
  3. The stun shield cost 200 more Cosmic Credits than the piece of equipment manufactured on Airth.
  4. Jimmy spent 200 more credits on the gear from Delpi than he did for the article made on Tau.
  5. The item made on the planet Xenobus cost Jimmy twice as much as the stun shield.
  6. The least expensive of the six items cost 200 credits.
  7. The gear from the planet Landesberg cost Jimmy less than the X-Sled did.
  8. Jimmy spent twice as much for the ATT transponder as he did for the item made on Delpi.
  9. Before buying the six pieces of equipment, Jimmy thought of spending 2400 credits on a Numerian shape-shifter but then decided he could do better in the game by not spending so much for any single piece of gear.
  10. The most-expensive light glasses available to Cosmic Armageddon players cost 1000 credits, and Jimmy bought a cheaper pair.