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All in a Day's Casework
Attorney Alexander A. Turney handles a variety of legal issues during an 8-hour workday.
March 26, 2007
From the introduction, Alexander A. Turney spent a total of eight hours working on the five companies' legal issues. By clue 7, Alexander spent 4 hrs. total on the 2nd-4th cases and therefore 4 hrs. combined on the 1st and 5th issues; also by clue 7, he didn't spend the same amount of time on any two accounts. By clue 1, the longest amount of time Alexander spent on any single company's work was 3 hrs. In clue 5, three of the jobs are listed in order: the one on which Alexander spent 40 mins., the one where he examined the stock offering, and the Dollar Discount work--so the 40 mins. casework was the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Alexander did. If it had been 1st, by clue 7, the last work Alexander did would have taken 3 hrs. 20 mins.--more than the 3 hrs. maximum on any case (clue 1). If Alexander spent the 40 mins. in clue 5 on the 3rd issue he examined, the stock offering, and the Dollar Discount case would then have been the 4th and 5th he addressed (5). If the stock offering were for Morris Motorcycles, by clue 3, it would have taken 1 hr. 40 mins. However, by clue 7, since the 2nd-4th cases took four hours total, the 2nd issue would also have had 1 hr. 40 mins. spent on it--a conflict with the clue 7 fact that no two items received the same time attention. By clue 3, the Morris Motorcycles work couldn't have taken the 40 mins. So, Alexander would have worked on the Morris Motorcycles issue 2nd. Alexander then couldn't have spent the maximum 3 hrs. (1) on the first company's work or he would have spent 4 hrs. on the Morris Motorcycles work (3). Alexander couldn't have spent the 3 hrs. on Morris Motorcycles' work--if he had, he would have worked 2 hrs. on the 1st case, 4 hrs. on issues 2-4 (7), and then 2 hrs. on the 5th company's work, contradicting clue 7. Alexander couldn't have worked on the stock offering for 3 hrs. or he would have worked on the Morris Motorcycles case for 20 mins. (7)--impossible (3). So, Alexander would have spent 3 hrs. on the 5th issue he visited and 1 hr. on the 1st (the 1st and 5th issues totaled 4 hrs. by clues 2 and 7). Alexander then would have spent 2 hrs. on the trademark application (2) and on the Morris Motorcycles work (3), which would have to be the same case (7)--no (6). Therefore, there is no way for Alexander to have spent the 40 mins. on the 3rd issue. He spent 40 mins. on the 2nd issue he examined, worked on the stock offering 3rd, and reviewed the Dollar Discount case 4th. The Morris Motorcycles issue wasn't the 1st or 2nd addressed (3). If it had been 3rd, then Alexander would have spent 1 hr. 40 mins. on the stock offering (3). But, by clue 7, Alexander also would have spent 1 hr. 40 mins. on the 4th case--by clue 7, a conflict. So, Alexander did the Morris Motorcycles work 5th. That work wasn't on the trademark application (6). The trademark application also wasn't the 1st issue examined (2). If the trademark application had been the 2nd case Alexander handled Friday and had taken him 40 mins., then the 1st issue would have taken him 20 mins. (2) and the 5th one 3 hrs. 40 mins., contradicting clue 1. So, the trademark application was the 4th item addressed, for Dollar Discount. The casework on which Alexander spent the 3 hrs. wasn't the 1st (2). It can't be the stock offering, or the trademark application would have taken 20 mins. to review (7), impossible (1, 2). It also isn't the trademark application, or the Morris Motorcycles issue would have taken longer (5). The Morris Motorcycles work took 3 hrs. Then the trademark application took 2 hrs. (3), the Farnsworth Foods account 1 hr. 20 mins. (7), and the 1st case 1 hr. (2). By clue 4, the 1st item Alexander visited was the Gemini Group work, and the office lease was the 2nd task. The office lease was for Western Widgets and the stock offering for Farnsworth Foods (4). Alexander addressed the software sales contract 1st, and the bank loan took him 3 hrs. (1). Alexander A. Turney thus spent the following billable times on the five companies and their legal cases in order

  • Gemini Group, software sales contract, 1 hr.
  • Western Widgets, office lease, 40 mins.
  • Farnsworth Foods, stock offering, 1 hr. 20 mins.
  • Dollar Discount, trademark application, 2 hrs.
  • Morris Motorcycles, bank loan, 3 hrs.

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