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City Offices
To conduct Summerset city business, visit the municipal offices at 1 Summerset Commons.
March 19, 2007
By clue 3, the department led by Karen has offices one floor above Cash's department, which is located one floor above the Sanitation Department. By clue 8, Rhodes is situated one floor above Mike. Since Mike isn't Cash (clue 10) and Rhodes isn't the head of the Sanitation Department (4), there is no commonality between clues 3 and 8; and all five departments are given as follows: either the department headed by Karen, the one Cash directs, and the Sanitation department have floors 5, 4, and 3 with Rhodes' department on 2 and Mike's on 1; or Rhodes' department is on 5, Mike's on 4, Karen's on 3, Cash's on 2, and the Sanitation Department on 1. By clue 6, Ben's offices are one floor above the Comptroller's. Then the only way for the second of the two possible arrangements of clues 3 and 8 (Rhodes on 5, etc.) to work would be if Ben were Rhodes and Mike were the Comptroller--no (10). So, Karen's department's offices are on the 5th floor, Cash's on the 4th, the Sanitation Department's on the 3rd, Rhodes's on the 2nd, and Mike's on the 1st. Since Mike isn't the Comptroller (10), by clue 6, Ben must head the Sanitation Department; and Rhodes is the City Comptroller. Alice is Cash and John Rhodes (4). The Department of Fire and Safety is on a higher floor than Piper's department (2). The director of Fire and Safety isn't Alice (9) and must be Karen. Piper isn't Ben (5) and must be Mike. Karen is Spacey and Ben Burns (1). By clue 7, Mike Piper manages the Transportation Department and Alice Cash the Department of Parks and Recreation. The Summerset municipal departments are located in offices at 1 Summerset Commons as follows:

  • 1st Floor: Transportation, Mike Piper
  • 2nd Floor: Comptroller, John Rhodes
  • 3rd Floor: Sanitation, Ben Burns
  • 4th Floor: Parks and Recreation, Alice Cash
  • 5th Floor: Fire and Safety, Karen Spacey

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