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City Offices
To conduct Summerset city business, visit the municipal offices at 1 Summerset Commons.
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March 19, 2007
If you have any business with the city of Summerset, the municipal offices are located in a 6-story building at 1 Summerset Commons. City Mayor Hillary Leader has her offices on the 6th floor, while each of floors 1-5 is home to a different city department, each of which is headed by a different appointee, one by Burns. From the building directory data below, can you determine the department (Transportation is one) on each floor 1-5 of the municipal building and the full name of the person (one first name is John) who manages that department for the city of Summerset?

  1. The department Spacey directs doesn't have its offices on the 3rd floor of 1 Summerset Commons.
  2. The Department of Fire and Safety is on a higher floor than the department led by Piper.
  3. The department Karen heads has its offices one floor above those of the department headed by Cash, which are one floor above the Sanitation Department offices.
  4. Rhodes, who isn't Alice, isn't the chief of the city Sanitation Department.
  5. Ben and Piper also serve on the Mayor's Fine Arts Commission.
  6. The City Comptroller has the spaces one floor below where Ben and his department are located.
  7. The Parks and Recreation Department isn't on the 1st floor.
  8. Mike has his offices on the floor immediately under the one where the department managed by Rhodes is located.
  9. Alice and the Fire and Safety director usually eat lunch together.
  10. Mike, who isn't the Comptroller, and Cash were both appointed by Summerset's previous mayor, Edward E. Edwards.

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