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Robin Hood's Big Day
The legendary outlaw steals from the rich to give to the poor.
March 12, 2007
By clue 11, William was one of the first three Robin Hood and his men robbed, as were Henry (clue 6) and Edward (8). Therefore, Samuel and John were the 4th and 5th, or vice versa, men Robin Hood robbed. By clue 11, if William had been the 3rd man to lose his purse, Stone would have been the 4th and the man in Noddley the 5th. Either Stone and or the Noddley citizen then would have been John--no (9). By clue 6, if Henry had been the 3rd man the outlaw band robbed, the merchant would have been the 4th and Dickens the 5th. Either the merchant or Dickens then would have been Samuel--no (10). Therefore, Edward was the 3rd man Robin Hood robbed on his Big Day, with the Swottingham citizen 4th and the reeve 5th (8). If William had been the 2nd citizen to lose his hoard to Robin and his men, by clue 11, the Noddley citizen would have been the 5th to be robbed and would have been the reeve, a conflict with clue 1. So, Henry was the 2nd victim of the Merrie Men; and William was the 1st to lose his purse. Since Samuel wasn't the merchant or Dickens (10), by clue 6, the merchant was named Edward, and Dickens must have been John. Since the reeve wasn't a citizen of the town of Noddley (1), by clue 11, merchant Edward lived in Noddley, with Henry then townsman Stone. By clue 4, Robin Hood robbed the bishop and then townsman Chandler. The merchant wasn't Chandler (5). Therefore, the Swottingham bishop was 4th to donate his wealth to the poor, and Chandler was 5th. Chandler was Samuel, and John Dickens was the 4th to be robbed on Robin Hood's Big Day. By clue 7, William was the tax collector, and Henry Stone lived in Spott-upon-Moor. By elimination, Henry was town sheriff. William's last name was Marley and Edward's Johnson (3). By clue 2, William Marley lived in the town of Lower Bumpkin, and the 5th town Robin Hood and his Merrie Men visited was Great Muddleton. In sum, Robin Hood's Big Day of stealing from the rich to give to the poor was as follows:

  • Lower Bumpkin, William Marley, tax collector
  • Spott-upon-Moor, Henry Stone, sheriff
  • Noddley, Edward Johnson, merchant
  • Swottingham, John Dickens, bishop
  • Great Muddleton, Samuel Chandler, reeve

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