Robin Hood's Big Day
The legendary outlaw steals from the rich to give to the poor.
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Many books and movies tell the legend of Robin Hood, especially of the outlaw's taking from the rich to give to the poor. Never was this so evident as the day the hero and his Merrie Men sallied forth from Sherwood Forest into five nearby towns, one of them Lower Bumpkin, in each of which they alleviated the wealthiest citizen, including the town sheriff in one, of his purse. From the tales that follow about the events of Robin Hood's Big Day, you should be able to find the order in which he and his band stole from the rich: the town and the full name and occupation of the man whom they robbed.

  1. The town in which Robin Hood held up the reeve wasn't Noddley.
  2. Townsman Marley and the man from Great Muddleton were also tarred and feathered by the Merrie Men as retribution for their miserly ways.
  3. Citizen Johnson and the tax collector were surprised by the outlaw band at their noonday meals.
  4. Robin Hood robbed the bishop in one village and stole from townsman Chandler in the next village the Merrie Men visited.
  5. Chandler and the merchant had been robbed by the legendary bandit several times before the Big Day.
  6. The merchant lost his money earlier in the day than townsman Dickens but later than Henry.
  7. Robin Hood and his men held up the man in Spott-upon-Moor immediately after Robin the tax collector in the previous village they visited.
  8. The reeve lost his purse later than the Swottingham citizen, who was robbed at some point in the day after Edward was.
  9. John, who didn't reside in Noddley, and townsman Stone ran into the streets shouting for help, but the townsfolk, who knew they would later share in the proceeds, hid in their homes.
  10. Samuel, who isn't Dickens, and the merchant both had their money hidden in secret rooms of their homes, but Friar Tuck persuaded them to tell him where their hoards were.
  11. Robin Hood and his Merrie Men robbed William earlier in the day than townsman Stone, who parted with his purse earlier the man in the village of Noddley did.