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Ice That Doughnut
Summerset Sticks ice hockey players sell doughnuts to go to the Midget Stanley Cup.
March 5, 2007
From the introduction, the top five salesmen sold a total of 2,000 dozen Tim Horton's doughnuts, with no two of them selling the same number dozen. By clue 10, 5th highest salesman sold 200 dozen. Three of the top five are mentioned in clue 9: Lemieux, who sold 100 dozen more than Peter, who sold 200 dozen more than the defenseman. By clue 5, Eric sold twice as many dozen as Esposito. Eric isn't Lemieux (clue 1), so either Eric is the defenseman or Eric is the fourth top salesman to the three listed in clue 9. If Eric were the defenseman and we let Esposito be the boy who sold the least number, 200 dozen Tim Horton's doughnuts (10), Eric would have sold 400 dozen (5). Peter's sales total would have been 600 dozen, and the Lemieux boy would have sold 700 dozen doughnuts (9)--a total of 1,900, leaving the fifth winner with 100 dozen in sales and contradicting clue 10. If we let Esposito having sold more than the 200, the fifth person would have sold even fewer. So, Eric isn't the defenseman; he is the fourth top salesman to the three in clue 9. In clue 5, then, either Esposito is Peter, Esposito is the defenseman, or Esposito is the fifth top salesman to the four already recovered. If Esposito were Peter and we let the boy who plays defense be the 200 dozen salesman (10), by clues 5 and 9, Peter Esposito would have sold 400 dozen, Lemieux 500 dozen, and Eric 800--a total of 1,900, leaving the fifth boy with 100 dozen in sales and contradicting clue 10. If the defenseman had sold more than the 200 dozen, of course, the fifth person would have sold even fewer than 100. Therefore, Esposito isn't Peter. If Esposito were the defenseman, either Esposito would have sold 200 dozen doughnuts or Esposito would have been the 4th-highest salesman. If Esposito were the defenseman and sold 200 dozen, both Eric (5) and Peter (9) would have had sales of 400--by the introduction, no. Trying Esposito as the defenseman and 4th-highest salesman, by clue 10, the four highest salesmen sold 1,800 dozen doughnuts. Letting Esposito's sales equal X, by clues 5 and 9, Peter's would have been X + 200, Lemieux's X + 300, and Eric's 2X, so that 5X + 500 would equal 1,800, or X would equal 260. So Esposito would have sold 260 dozen of Tim Horton's doughnuts, Peter 460, Lemieux 560, and Eric 520. By clue 2, the boy who plays center sold twice as many dozen as teammate Howe. There is no way for this clue to work given the arrangement with Esposito as defenseman and 4th-highest salesman. So, Esposito is the fifth player to the four already recovered: Lemieux, Peter, the boy who plays defense, and Eric. Either Esposito or the defenseman sold the low of 200 dozen doughnuts (10, 5, 9). If Esposito had, then Eric would have sold 400 dozen (5), leaving 1,400 in sales for the three in clue 9. Letting the defenseman's sales be X dozen, Peter's would be X + 200 and Lemieux's X + 300--or 3X + 500 equals 1,400 and X = 300. So, the defenseman would have sold 300 dozen, Peter 500, and Lemieux 600. The only way clue 2 could fit into this arrangement would be if Howe were the defenseman and Lemieux the center--no (6). Therefore, the defenseman sold 200 dozen Tim Horton's doughnuts, Peter sold 400, and Lemieux sold 500 (9), a total of 1,100 and leaving 900 between Eric and Esposito (intro). By clue 5, Eric was top salesman with 600 and Esposito fourth with 300. By clue 2, Howe is the boy who plays defenseman; and Peter is the center. By clue 3, Tony is Lemieux. Chad is Esposito and Alex Howe (8). Neither Eric (4) nor Chad (8) plays right wing, so Tony does. By clue 1, Eric is the team goalie; so Chad is the left wing. Eric is Orr and Peter Clarke (7). In sum, the top five Tim Horton's doughnuts salesmen among the Summerset Sticks are

  • Eric Orr, goalie, 600
  • Tony Lemieux, right wing, 500
  • Peter Clarke, center, 400
  • Chad Esposito, left wing, 300
  • Alex Howe, defenseman, 200

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