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Ice That Doughnut
Summerset Sticks ice hockey players sell doughnuts to go to the Midget Stanley Cup.
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March 5, 2007
To raise travel funds to go to the Midget Stanley Cup, hockey players on the Summerset Sticks sold Tim Horton's doughnuts throughout the area. Each player sold a different number of dozen doughnuts, with the top five salesmen, each of whom plays a different position on the team, selling a total of 2,000 dozen among them. Given the sales figures below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Puzzle by finding the full name (one first name is Alex and one last name is Orr) of each of the top five Tim Horton's salesmen, the position he plays for the Summerset Sticks, and the number of dozen doughnuts he sold?

  1. Eric, who isn't Lemieux, isn't the left wing.
  2. Howe sold half as many dozen as the Sticks center did.
  3. Tony, who isn't the defenseman, and Esposito are team co-captains.
  4. The top salesman isn't the boy who plays right wing for the team.
  5. Eric sold twice as many doughnuts as Esposito.
  6. Lemieux and the center competed in selling doughnuts at the entrance to the local Food Giant.
  7. Top-five salesman Clarke and the boy who plays goalie each ate a dozen doughnuts while they were out selling.
  8. Chad, who didn't finish in fifth place in number of dozens sold, isn't the top-five salesman who plays right wing.
  9. Lemieux sold 100 dozen more Tim Horton's doughnuts than Peter, who sold 200 dozen more than the defenseman.
  10. The fifth-place salesman sold 200 dozen doughnuts.

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