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Artisan Alley
Can you locate the eight studios in Artisan Alley?
February 26, 2007
From the introduction, Artisan Alley has eight shops, four on each side, with 1 Artisan Alley directly opposite 2 Artisan Alley, 3 Artisan Alley directly opposite 4 Artisan Alley, etc. By clue 8, Ronald Rodin is between and next to the goldsmith and the glassblower. By clue 12, Ronald Rodin isn't the photographer. If the photographer were on the same side of the alley as the three artists in clue 8, he/she would be in one of the outside buildings and would be next to the goldsmith or glassblower--but the photographer is next door to the sculptor (clue 9). So, the photographer and the sculptor are next to each other across the alley from the three shops in clue 8. By clue 2, Perry Picasso is adjacent to both Wayne Wyeth and the jewelry designer. If Perry Picasso were on the same side of Artisan Alley as the three artists in clue 8, Perry Picasso would be the goldsmith or the glassblower. In either case, by clues 2 and 8, Ronald Rodin would be the jewelry designer, which contradicts clue 5. Therefore, the three studios in clue 2 are on the same side of the street as the photographer's and the sculptor's. Since neither Wayne Wyeth (7) nor Perry Picasso (11) is the sculptor, the sculptor must be in an outside shop. Since the sculptor is next door to the photographer (9), the photographer must be Wayne Wyeth. By clue 12, Greta Greco is directly opposite the photographer. Greta Greco must have an inside studio like the photographer. Since Greta Greco isn't the glassblower (3), she must be the goldsmith in clue 8. For the four stores on both sides of the alley to be directly opposite each other, Ronald Rodin must be opposite Perry Picasso and the glassblower must be opposite the jewelry designer. By clue 10, Cary Cassatt is directly opposite the weaver. Cary Cassatt is the sculptor, and the weaver is next to goldsmith Greta Greco. By clue 11, Perry Picasso is the water colorist and Ronald Rodin is an oil painter. April Adams Jewelry Design is next to Perry Picasso Water Colors (4). By clue 1, the remaining two studios are Mary Moses Weaving and Vince Vermeer Glassblowing. Neither Cary Cassatt nor Mary Moses Weaving is at 8 Artisan Alley (10), so they are at 1 and 2 or vice versa. Since Vince Vermeer isn't at 7 Artisan Alley (6), April Adams Jewelry design must be at 7 with Vince Vermeer Glassblowing at 8 Artisan Alley Then Cary Cassatt is at 1, Mary Moses at 2, Wayne Wyeth at 3, Greta Greco at 4, Perry Picasso at 5, and Ronald Rodin at 6 Artisan Alley. In summary, the eight shops along Artisan Alley are

  • 1 Artisan Alley, Cary Cassatt Sculpture -- 2 Artisan Alley, Mary Moses Weaving
  • 3 Artisan Alley, Wayne Wyeth Photography -- 4 Artisan Alley, Greta Greco Goldsmith
  • 5 Artisan Alley, Perry Picasso Water Colors -- 6 Artisan Alley, Ronald Rodin Oil Painting
  • 7 Artisan Alley, April Adams Jewelry Design -- 8 Artisan Alley, Vince Vermeer Glassblowing

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