Artisan Alley
Can you locate the eight studios in Artisan Alley?
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One of downtown Summerset's most popular attractions is Artisan Alley, a narrow throughfare of eight shops, each featuring a different local artist or craftsman practicing his or her craft and offering his or her work for sale. The shops are at at 1, 3, 5, and 7 Artisan Alley on one side and at 2, 4, 6, and 8 Artisan Alley on the other side, with the shop at 1 Artisan Alley directly across from the one at 2 Artisan Alley, the shop at 3 Artisan Alley directly opposite the one at 4 Artisan Alley, etc. From the map data in the clues below, can you locate the artist and type of art at each Artisan Alley address?

  1. Mary Moses isn't the glassblower.
  2. Perry Picasso is between and next door to Wayne Wyeth and the jewelry designer.
  3. The glassblower isn't Greta Greco.
  4. April Adams is next door to the water color artist.
  5. Ronald Rodin isn't the jewelry designer.
  6. Vince Vermeer isn't the artist at 7 Artisan Alley.
  7. The sculptor isn't Wayne Wyeth.
  8. Ronald Rodin is between and adjacent to the goldsmith and the glassblower.
  9. The photographer and the sculptor are in adjacent studios.
  10. Cary Cassatt is directly opposite the weaver; neither is at 8 Artisan Alley.
  11. Perry Picasso is neither the sculptor nor the oil painter.
  12. Greta Greco is directly across the street from the photographer, who isn't Ronald Rodin.