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Gearing Up for Soccer
Beckham buys new soccer gear and hits the Food Court at the mall.
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February 19, 2007
Last Saturday, Brett Beckham visited Summerset Mall to buy equipment for the upcoming spring soccer season. He bought one piece of soccer gear, including a headband, at each of five different mall sports stores. After visiting each of the first four stores where he bought equipment, Brett stopped by the Food Court and had something different to eat to sustain him on his shopping excursion; after buying his fifth item, Brett thought about a fifth trip to the Food Court but decided to go home and eat instead. Given the clues that follow, you should be able to solve the Logic Puzzle of the order in which Brett geared up for soccer: what he bought at which mall store and what he had to eat after each of his first four purchases.

  1. The item Brett bought right before sitting down to a cinnamon roll wasn't the sweatshirt.
  2. The gear Brett bought at Mike's Sporting Goods wasn't the new pair of shin guards.
  3. Immediately after enjoying French fries from Boardwalk Fries, Brett stopped by Champions to make his next purchase.
  4. Brett bought an item at the Locker Room at a later point in his shopping tour than when he bought new soccer cleats.
  5. The item Brett bought in Mike's Sporting Goods wasn't the pair of shorts.
  6. Brett didn't buy the sweatshirt at SF Gear.
  7. The cinnamon roll Brett bought from Cinnamon Jim's wasn't the first of the four food items he enjoyed.
  8. The store that Brett visited immediately before he ate the French fries wasn't Mike's Sporting Goods.
  9. Immediately after making a buy at SF Gear, Brett enjoyed a soft pretzel from Uncles Hughie's; he stopped in SF Gear later in his shopping trip than in the store where he purchased the shorts.
  10. Immediately after buying something at Super Bowl Sports, Brett ate a pepperoni pizza from Mama Mia's, then visited the mall store where he purchased a sweatshirt.

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