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Door Prize Winners
Family fun outings are won at the annual Daughter-Father Dinner.
February 12, 2007
Three of the five Daughter-Father pairs are mentioned in clue 11: Mark and his daughter, Mr. Simms and his, and Beth and her dad. By clue 9, Mark isn't Caitlin's father, nor is Mr. Simms Caitlin's dad (clue 8). Caitlin and her dad are thus the fourth door prize-winning pair to the three in clue 11. By clue 2, Mr. Tarr isn't Caitlin's father. Mr. Tarr isn't Mark (9) and isn't Beth's dad (6). Mr. Tarr and his daughter must be the fifth pair to the four already named. By clue 2, Jack isn't Mr. Tarr and isn't Caitlin's father; and by clue 8, Jack isn't Mr. Simms. Jack is Beth's father. Mr. Wilson's daughter isn't Beth (6) or Caitlin (14); Mr. Wilson is Mark. Remembering this partial solution, we now start a second arrangement of the five door prize-winning Daughter-Father pairs with clues 5 and 14. Since Mark is Mr. Wilson, he, Peter, and the father who won the outing at Barry's Bowlarama are three of the winning fathers. The father who won the day at Great Adventures Park isn't Peter (3) or Mark Wilson (13) and is thus the fourth father to the three in clues 5 and 14. Kevin isn't the Barry's Bowlarama (1) or Great Adventures Park (10) winner; he is the fifth father. Mr. Rivera isn't Peter (3) or Kevin (10) and isn't the one going to Great Adventures Park (10); he and his family are going to Barry's Bowlarama. By clue 7, Debbi and her father won the evening at the Camelot Castle Medieval Feast, and he is neither Mark nor Peter; he is Kevin. Going back to our first partial solution, since Kevin isn't Mr. Simms (1), Kevin, who is Debbi's dad, must be Mr. Tarr. Since Caitlin and her father didn't win the Barry's Bowlarama door prize (14), Mr. Rivera who won the Barry's Bowlarama prize in the second solution must be Jack, Beth's father, in the first. By elimination, Mr. Quayle is Caitlin dad. They didn't win the Alpine Meadows Ski Lodge or Senator Theater (4) outings and thus won the Great Adventures Park prize. Then combining the two solutions, Peter is Mr. Simms. Neil is Quayle. Finally, by clue 12, Peter and Erin are one Daughter-Father pair; and Mark and his daughter April are going to a play at the Senator Theater. Peter and daughter Erin won the day at Alpine Meadows Ski Lodge. In sum, the five Daughter-Father pairs and the door prizes they won are

  • April & Mark Wilson, Senator Theater
  • Beth & Jack Rivera, Barry's Bowlarama
  • Caitlin & Neil Quayle, Great Adventures Park
  • Debbi & Kevin Tarr, Camelot Castle Medieval Feast
  • Erin & Peter Simms, Alpine Meadows Ski Lodge

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