Flower Calendar 2007
Gardeners-of-the-month and their favorite flowers adorn their club's 2007 calendar.
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This year, Ms. Ashford and 11 other Greenlake Garden Club members appear in the annual Flower Calendar, with each pictured with her favorite flower--one with roses--for a different month of 2007. Given the cuttings below, you should be able to solve the Challenger Logic Puzzle of each woman's full name and favorite flower and the month in which she is featured in the calendar.

  1. Ms. Egan appears one month before the gardener who loves begonias, who is then followed one month later in the Flower Calendar by Kate.
  2. Ms. Billings, who isn't the one deep in daffodils in her calendar photo, isn't gardener-of-the-month for January.
  3. Neither Nora, who isn't the April gardener-of-the-month, nor Kate is the member pictured with the marigolds.
  4. Patti isn't Ms. Egan or Ms. Gorman.
  5. Patti, whose flower favorite is snapdragons, is featured the month after Ms. Underwood is shown with dozens of hyacinths.
  6. The calendar gardener shown with tulips appears the month before Ms. Davis does.
  7. Wanda, who isn't the petunia or the begonia buff, and fellow calendar gardener Ms. Egan work at the same local garden center.
  8. Mary, who was also in the 2006 Flower Calendar, appears one month before Ms. Gorman, whose page is one month before the gardener who is shown with her prize-winning petunias.
  9. Sandy is in the calendar in an earlier month than Helen.
  10. Ms. Gorman's flower favorite is neither begonias nor violets.
  11. Vicki Young is pictured one month before Ms. Quincy, who is shown surrounded by orchids.
  12. Ms. French has neither daffodils nor petunias on her page.
  13. Neither Kate nor Ms. Gorman is the one who loves daffodils.
  14. In consecutive months, first-to-last, these three Greenlake Garden Club members are in the calendar: the one who loves daffodils, Ms. Zimmer, and Terri.
  15. Ms. Irons is featured one month after Ruth is.
  16. Joan, who is neither Ms. Billings nor Ms. Irons, isn't on the calendar page for May, 2007 .
  17. Ms. French and Ms. Zimmer are appearing in their first Greenlake Garden Club calendar.
  18. Ms. Christian, who isn't Terri, is March's gardener.
  19. The person who loves geraniums is featured the month before Leah is.
  20. Ms. Egan, who isn't Terri, doesn't have petunias as her favorite flower.
  21. Ms. French is gardener-of-the-month one month after Wanda, who is pictured one month after the woman who loves marigolds.
  22. The calendar gardener who loves asters appears the month before the member who specializes in growing violets.
  23. Terri's garden favorite isn't marigolds or violets.