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The Basketball Tournament
Eight top teams compete in the Great Hoops event.
January 29, 2007
Any of the basketball teams who had a victory must have won quarterfinal games, so three of the four quarterfinal winners were Coach Knight's team (clue 4), Coach Smith's, and Coach Wooden's (5). Since Coach Calhoun's squad made it to the semifinals (9), they also won in the quarterfinals. By clue 8, Coach Jackson's team lost to the Tigers in one matchup; since Coach Jackson's team wasn't one of the quarterfinal victors, the Tigers defeated them in the quarterfinals. The Tigers aren't coached by Knight, to whose team they lost (4), nor are the Tigers led by Coach Smith, whose team beat Coach Dreisel's squad (5) in the quarterfinals rather than Coach Jackson's. The Tigers coach also isn't Wooden, since Coach Wooden's team defeated Harbor High School in the quarterfinals (5) and Coach Jackson isn't the coach at Harbor (11). The Tigers coach is Coach Calhoun. Coach Calhoun's Tigers lost to Coach Knight's Maple Hill Prep team in the semifinals (4, 9). The team from St. Aloysius won at least one game over the Dukes (1), who aren't Coach Jackson's five (1, 12); so the St. Aloysius team isn't Coach Calhoun's Tigers (8). The St. Aloysius team isn't coached by quarterfinal winner Wooden (1) and is therefore led by Coach Smith. In the quarterfinals, then, Coach Knight's Maple Hill Prep team won one game, and Coach Calhoun's Tigers beat Coach Jackson's squad in another; and Coach Smith's St. Aloysius team won over Coach Dreisel's Lions, and Coach Wooden's squad defeated the team from Harbor High School (5). In the semifinals, Coach Knight's team topped Coach Calhoun's Tigers (4). By clue 9, therefore, since Coach Smith is at St. Aloysius, Coach Wooden must be coaching Dunbar and lost to Coach Smith's Aces in the other semifinal. By clue 1, one of Coach Smith's team's victims in the Great Hoops tournament was the Dukes; since the Dukes aren't coached by Wooden (1, 12), the Dukes must have Coach Knight at the helm, the third team Coach Smith's squad played to Coach Wooden's and Coach Dreisel's Lions. So, Coach Smith's team overcame Coach Knight's Dukes in the tournament title matchup. By clue 10, one of Coach Knight's team's opponents was North Hills High--who are not the Tigers (6); Coach Knight's squad won over North Hills in the quarterfinals. By clue 3, North Hills High is coached by Thompson, and Coach Boeheim leads Harbor High School. By clue 7, Coach Jackson must be the Royals' coach, and Coach Calhoun is at York Tech. Coach Jackson is coach at Rosemont Academy and Coach Dreisel at King High School (8). Neither Coach Thompson nor Coach Boeheim at Harbor (2) is the Poets's coach, so Coach Wooden is. Coach Boeheim is the Eagles' and Coach Thompson the Cougars' mentor (3). The Great Hoops Tournament results were as follows:

  • Quarterfinals:
  • -- St. Aloysius Aces, Coach Smith, def. King Lions, Coach Dreisel
  • -- Dunbar Poets, Coach Wooden, def. Harbor Eagles, Coach Boeheim
  • -- Maple Hill Dukes, Coach Knight, def. North Hills Cougars, Coach Thompson
  • -- York Tech Tigers, Coach Calhoun, def. Rosemont Academy Royals, Coach Jackson

  • Semifinals:
  • -- St. Aloysius Aces, Coach Smith, def. Dunbar Poets, Coach Wooden
  • -- Maple Hill Dukes, Coach Knight, def. York Tech Tigers, Coach Calhoun

  • Final:
  • -- St. Aloysius Aces, Coach Smith, def. Maple Hill Dukes, Coach Knight

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