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The Academic All-Stars Luncheon
Sunset High students enjoy an honorary luncheon at the monthly Rotary Club meeting.
January 15, 2007
From the introduction, there were four honorees seated on each side left and right of club President Daniels who was at the head of the table; and, by clue 16, the honorees were seated with no two boys--and therefore no two girls--next to each other and with a girl opposite a boy across the table, so that on one side there was girl-boy-girl-boy and on the other boy-girl-boy-girl. By clue 5, Britney sat between the Aiken boy and the boy who was being honored for achievement in foreign language. The Petrino girl did not sit opposite the Aiken boy or the foreign language honoree (clue 13), so she was on the same side of the table as they were. The Petrino girl isn't Britney (6); the Petrino girl then was seated in an outside chair either next to the Aiken boy or next to the foreign language honoree. By clue 12, John sat between the Spahn girl and the girl honored for English. So, John either sat next to Britney or on the other side of the table from Britney. If John had not been on the same side of the table as Britney, he would have had to sit opposite Britney rather than Miss Petrino, who sat in one of the outside chairs. By clue 8, David sat opposite the Fields girl. Since David isn't the foreign language honoree (4), he would be the Aiken boy, and the Fields girl would be a the English honoree (12). Miss Spahn would have sat opposite the foreign language honoree (12). By clue 10, Randy sat opposite the history honoree, but not next to President Daniels or Mr. Donaldson (2); Randy would be the foreign language honoree and the Spahn girl the history honoree. However, there is now no way for Nick to have been seated next to the student honored for achievement in music (3). So, in clue 12, John was on the same side of the table as Britney. Britney must be the Spahn girl, and the Petrino was honored for her work in English (12). Since David was seated opposite Miss Fields (8), he must also have been on the same side of the table as Britney. David isn't the foreign language honoree (4); he is Aiken, and John was honored for his accomplishments in foreign language. The Petrino girl sat in the outside seat next to foreign language honoree John. The Fields girl sat directly across from David (8). Since Miss Fields isn't the one honored in music (8), Nick didn't sit next to her (3). Nick must have been seated on the same side of the table as the Fields girl but in the other end chair--opposite English honoree Petrino. The music honoree sat directly across the table from John (3). The music honoree is Miss Hardy, and John is Evans (11). Randy sat directly across from history star Britney (10). By clue 7, Randy must be the Knox boy, Miss Fields is a computer science wiz, and David stars at mathematics. Melissa is the Hardy girl and Nick Jarmon (15). By clue 14, Kate is Miss Fields, and Randy was honored for achievement in biology. By elimination, Erica is Miss Petrino, and Nick is the student honored in phys. ed.. By clue 1, Erica wasn't seated next to President Daniels; and by clue 9, Nick wasn't seated to Mr. Donaldson's right. Therefore, David was to the club president's left, next to Britney, etc.; and Kate was to President Daniels' right, next to Randy, etc. In sum, the Rotary Club's Academic All-Stars sat at the luncheon as follows:

  • -----right--- President Daniels ---left-------
  • Kate Fields, computer science -- David Aiken, mathematics
  • Randy Knox, biology -- Britney Spahn, history
  • Melissa Hardy, music -- John Evans, foreign language
  • Nick Jarmon, phys. ed. -- Erica Petrino, English
  • -----left--- Program Chair Donaldson ---right-

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