The Academic All-Stars Luncheon
Sunset High students enjoy an honorary luncheon at the monthly Rotary Club meeting.
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At this month's Rotary luncheon, the members honored eight Sunset High students as Academic All-Stars for their scholastic achievements at the school. The eight honorees, each of whom was honored for a different high school subject, were seated at the head table, four to each side, with Rotary president Don Daniels at the head and club program chair Dan Donaldson at the foot of the table. Given the clues that follow, can you determine each student's full name and area of accomplishment and where each sat relative to President Daniels, i.e., in the first seat to his left or right, in the second seat to his left or right, etc.?

  1. Erica wasn't seated next to President Daniels.
  2. The history honoree's place wasn't next to either President Daniels or Mr. Donaldson.
  3. Nick and the girl who was honored for her accomplishments in music had adjoining place settings.
  4. During the luncheon, David and the boy who was honored for foreign language talked about the basketball game they had played the night before against archrival Morningside High.
  5. Britney was seated between the Aiken boy and the boy who won for his excellence in learning foreign language.
  6. Britney and the Petrino girl both liked the chocolate mousse that was served for dessert at the luncheon.
  7. The Knox boy sat next to the computer science honoree, who was seated directly opposite the high-achiever in mathematics.
  8. David listened attentively to the girl sitting directly opposite him, Miss Fields, who wasn't the music honoree.
  9. The one honored as top phys. ed. student isn't the person who was seated to Mr. Donaldson's immediate right.
  10. Randy sat directly across the table from the star history student.
  11. The Hardy girl and the Evans boy were seated directly opposite each other at the table.
  12. John enjoyed talking about the upcoming dance with the two girls who flanked him at the table--Miss Spahn and the girl who is tops in English at Sunset High.
  13. Miss Petrino didn't sit across from either the Aiken boy or the boy with the most foreign language skills.
  14. Kate sat next to the student honored for his work in biology.
  15. Melissa and the Jarmon boy sat next to each other at the table.
  16. The eight honorees were seated so that no two boys sat next to each other and so that a girl and boy sat directly across from each other at all places at the table.