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The Perils of Pony Pete
The Wild West hero's adventures make a great video game.
January 8, 2007
By clue 12, Pony Pete's 1st adventure takes him across the Badlands, while in his 7th and last adventure he faces the gambler Doc Christmas (clue 14). In the 4th, 5th, and 6th episodes, then, Pony Pete battles gunfighter Bill Killjoy (1), Big Mama Barber and her Boys (6), and Randall's Raiders (13), in some order. By clue 3, on consecutive adventures, Pony Pete carries the pardon for the Moondance Kid and faces Mexican outlaw Pancho Vino, meeting the latter on his 2nd or 3rd adventure. By clue 10, however, the pardon for the Moondance Kid isn't what Pony Pete carries across the Badlands; so, Pony Pete takes the pardon for the Moondance Kid on his 2nd adventure and battles Pancho Vino on his 3rd. On his 3rd, 4th, and 5th adventures, in some order, Pony Pete carries the funds to open the Silverton Bank (1), the peace treaty ending the Comanchero War (6), and the gold bars to the U.S. Mint (13). By clue 8, Pony Pete travels through Vulture Pass immediately after taking the Cross of San Luis to its destination. Since Vulture Pass isn't where Pony Pete carries the pardon for the Moondance Kid (10), Pony Pete has the Cross of San Luis on his 6th adventure and fights Doc Christmas in Vulture Pass. By clue 9, Pony Pete doesn't try to prevent Randall's Raiders from stealing the Cross of San Luis. In clue 13, then, Coyote Canyon isn't where the hero's 4th adventure takes place. Since Pony Pete doesn't battle Pancho Vino over the gold bars (4), by clue 13, Coyote Canyon isn't where he has his 2nd adventure; nor does he go there on his 5th (13). Pony Pete's 3rd adventure takes him to Coyote Canyon. By clue 13, he delivers the gold bars to the mint in the game's 4th episode and faces Randall's Raiders in the 5th. The Misty Mountains (1) and the Red Desert (6) must be the Wild West vistas visited on Pony Pete's 2nd and 4th adventures or vice versa, so Ghost Mesa and Gila Cliffs are where his 5th and 6th or vice versa perils occur. Pony Pete doesn't fight Bill Killjoy on Ghost Mesa or Gila Cliffs (11). In clues 1 and 6, therefore, Pony Pete meets Bill Killjoy during his 4th adventure and Big Mama Barber and her Boys during his 6th. By clue 1, the Misty Mountains are the scene for the 2nd game episode; and he protects the Silverton Bank funds from Pancho Vino in his 3rd. By clue 6, the hero's 4th adventure takes across the Red Desert and his 5th has him guarding the peace treaty. By clue 2, Pony Pete carries the peace treaty on Ghost Mesa and the Cross of San Luis up Gila Cliffs. By clue 5, neither the Idaho land grant nor the Fort Hook army payroll--one of which is carried by Pony Pete in the 1st game episode--has Chief Crazy Crow after it; the Chief chases the pardon for the Moondance Kid. By elimination, Pony Pete's 1st foe is the Wall-Hole Gang. Pony Pete guards the army payroll from the Wall-Hole gang, and battles Doc Christmas over the Idaho land grant (7). In sum, The Perils of Pony Pete are played in the following order:

  • 1st - Fort Hook payroll, the Badlands, the Wall-Hole Gang
  • 2nd - Pardon for the Moondance Kid, the Misty Mountains, Chief Crazy Crow
  • 3rd - Silverton Bank funds, Coyote Canyon, Pancho Vino
  • 4th - Gold bars for the U.S. Mint, the Red Desert, Bill Killjoyd
  • 5th - Peace treaty ending the Comanchero War, Ghost Mesa, Randall's Raiders
  • 6th - Cross of San Luis, Gila Cliffs, Big Mama Barber and her Boys
  • 7th - Idaho land grant, Vulture Pass, Doc Christmas

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