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The Perils of Pony Pete
The Wild West hero's adventures make a great video game.
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January 8, 2007
One of the hottest video games this year is The Perils of Pony Pete, in which players guide the Wild West hero through a series of seven action-filled adventures. In each adventure, Pony Pete carries a different treasure or valuable item across a different Wild West landscape where a different dangerous opponent, as well as random rattlesnakes, coyotes, vultures, storms, etc., tries to stop him from completing his appointed rounds. From the following notes taken from a cheat sheet for the game, can you find the sequence in which the the perils are played: what Pony Pete carries across each Western vista and whom he must outgun to complete that adventure?

  1. The hero faces gunslinger Bill Killjoy in an adventure later than the one in which he is carrying the money to open a new bank in Silverton; the adventure in which carries the bank funds is later than the trip through the Misty Mountains.
  2. The journey up Gila Cliffs isn't the one in which Pony Pete carries the peace treaty ending the Comanchero War.
  3. Immediately after delivering the pardon for the Moondance Kid in one game episode, Pony Pete shoots it out with Mexican outlaw Pancho Vino on his next adventure.
  4. Pancho Vino isn't the villain Pony Pete must outwit to deliver the gold bars to the U.S. Mint.
  5. Neither the Idaho land grant document nor the Fort Hook army payroll is what Pony Pete is carrying when he faces Chief Crazy Crow.
  6. Pony Pete crosses the Red Desert in an earlier adventure than the one when he carries the peace treaty; his perils in delivering the peace treaty are in an earlier game episode than the one in which he battles Big Mama Barber and her Boys.
  7. The land grant isn't the item being pursued by the Wall-Hole Gang.
  8. Pony Pete's journey through Vulture Pass immediately follows his adventure carrying the Cross of San Luis.
  9. The Cross of San Luis isn't the item Pony Pete must get past Randall's Raiders, a band of former Confederate cavalry.
  10. The hero's test delivering the full pardon for the Moondance Kid isn't the one that takes him into the Badlands or over Vulture Pass.
  11. Pony Pete's fight with Bill Killjoy is on neither Ghost Mesa nor Gila Cliffs.
  12. On his 1st adventure, Pony Pete crosses the Badlands.
  13. Pony Pete hauls the gold bars on the adventure immediately after the one that takes him through Coyote Canyon and immediately before the one that brings him face-to-face with Randall's Raiders.
  14. In his 7th and last adventure, Pony Pete duels the gambler Doc Christmas.

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