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Bowl Game Party
A New Year's Day college bowl bash rings in 2007.
January 1, 2007
By clue 9, Brian is bringing hot wings; while by clue 7, the Oklahoma fan is bringing a variety of hoagies. The USC follower isn't Brian (clue 4), so the USC fan is the third man of the five. By clue 6, the USC fan isn't bringing the pizza, so the man who is bringing the pizza is the fourth man of the five. Dave isn't the USC fan and isn't bringing the pizza (6, 8), so Dave is either the fifth man or roots for Oklahoma. If Dave were the fifth man, the USC fan would be bringing the cheesecake and Dave the salads (8). The Penn State fan would be Brian (2), and the Michigan follower would be bringing pizza (8). Eric would be cheering for Oklahoma (6), but so would Chris (1). So, Dave isn't the fifth man; Dave is an Oklahoma fan. By clue 6, Eric is the fifth man of the five. Chris isn't bringing the selection of the cheesecake (1) or salads (3), so he is bringing the pizza. By elimination, Alex is the USC fan. The Michigan follower isn't Chris (1) or Eric (5); he is Brian. The Penn State fan is Eric (2), and Chris roots for Auburn. Penn State fan Eric is supplying the cheesecake and USC fan Alex is bringing the salads (2). The five fans are bringing food to J. J.'s college football bowl bash as follows:

  • Alex, USC, salads
  • Brian, Michigan, wings
  • Chris, Auburn, pizza
  • Dave, Oklahoma, hoagies
  • Eric, Penn State, cheesecake

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