Bowl Game Party
A New Year's Day college bowl bash rings in 2007.
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At J. J.'s annual New Year's bowl game bash today, Alex and four other of J. J.'s football fanatic friends are each bringing a different kind of party food to add to the gameday feast. As it turns out, each of the five's favorite college team, one being Auburn, is in one of the games being played. From the clues that follow, you should be able to determine each fan's favorite team and the food he is bringing to the bowl bash.

  1. Chris, who isn't the man bringing cheesecake to the bash, and the Michigan fan both played football at their colleges.
  2. The Penn State fan isn't bringing either the salads or the pizza to the party.
  3. Chris isn't the man who is bringing a variety of salads to share.
  4. Brian and the USC fan enjoy the food at the bash as much as the games.
  5. Eric isn't the Michigan fan.
  6. The USC fan and the man who is providing pizza will both be rooting for Eric's team to lose its game.
  7. The Oklahoma man is bringing a selection of hoagies to the event.
  8. Dave, who isn't the Michigan follower, will be cheering for Eric's school to win its game today; Dave isn't man bringing the cheesecake for dessert.
  9. Brian is bringing hot wings to spice up the party.