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CDs for Christmas
Five friends receive top-of-the-charts CDs for Christmas.
December 25, 2006

From the introduction, no two of the girls ended up simply exchanging CDs. By clue 1, the CD Cindy brought was given to the girl who brought The Inspiration as a gift. By clue 4, the Vito girl's CD gift went to the friend who brought Daughtry to the exchange. So, Cindy and the Vito girl are two different girls. Since the Vito girl didn't bring The Inspiration as her gift (9), the girl who bought the The Inspiration is a third friend to Cindy and the Vito girl. Similarly, since Cindy didn't buy Daughtry as a gift (7), the girl who bought Daughtry is a fourth friend to the three already named. By clue 5, the girl who bought The Evolution ended up getting The Inspiration. Since Cindy's CD ended up with the girl who brought The Inspiration (1), from the introduction, Cindy didn't get The Inspiration CD, or the two girls would have simply exchanged gifts. So, the girl in clue 5 is either the fifth one to the four already enumerated or is the Vito girl. If she were the fifth girl, Cindy's CD would have gone to the girl who bought The Inspiration (1) and the Vito girl's CD would have been for the girl who bought Daughtry (4). Since Cindy didn't get Daughtry (7), Daughtry would have gone to the Vito girl--but then the Vito girl and the one who bought Daughtry would have exchanged the CDs they bought, contradicting the introduction. So, the Vito girl bought The Evolution and got the The Inspiration. The girl who bought Daughtry took home The Evolution (4). Since Cindy's CD went to the girl who brought The Inspiration (1), the fifth girl's CD went to Cindy and the fifth girl got Daughtry. By clue 2, the Steffins girl ended up with the CD Erin brought as a gift, so the Steffins girl didn't buy The Inspiration or she would have gotten the CD Cindy bought (1). The Steffins girl didn't get Daughtry , since Erin didn't bring Daughtry (13). The Steffins girl isn't Cindy (10). The Steffins girl is the one who bought Daughtry and got The Evolution from Erin Vito (2). Neither the Williams girl (3) nor the Urban girl (6) started with B'Day, so the Turner girl did. Since she didn't end up with Daughtry (11), she is Cindy. The girl who bought The Inspiration got B'Day (1) and is the Urban girl (3). The Williams girl brought The Dutchess and gave it to Cindy. Alexis isn't the Urban (6) or Williams (8) girl and is the Steffins girl. By clue 12, Monique's last name is Williams, and Kayla's is Urban. The five girls bought and got CDs during their gift exchange as follows:

  • Alexis Steffins, Daughtry, The Evolution
  • Cindy Turner, B'Day, The Dutchess
  • Kayla Urban, The Inspiration, B'Day
  • Erin Vito, The Evolution, The Inspiration
  • Monique Williams, The Dutchess, Daughtry

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