"Losing Big"
Celebs compete to lose the most weight on the TV reality show.
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On the recent TV reality show "Losing Big," five celebrities competed to shed pounds during the eight-week contest. Each of the five did lose weight on the show, with no two losing the same number of pounds. Given the clues below, can you find each star's full name (one surname is Brown), the field of entertainment in which he or she is famous, and the amount of weight he or she dropped during the contest?

  1. The most any of the five lost during the eight weeks is 60 lbs., while the least any contestant lost is 15 lbs.
  2. Jerry lost twice as much weight as Hart.
  3. Tom lost 5 more lbs. than West, who shed 10 more lbs. than the cable network news anchor.
  4. Willa dropped twice as much weight as the tennis player.
  5. King and the rock star made a side bet on which of them would lose the most weight.
  6. Willa, Stone, and the comedian all placed their weight-loss hopes on extreme exercise.
  7. Alec isn't the new anchor.
  8. Mia lost half as many pounds as the talk show host.