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Fright Night Fun
Five couples have Halloween fun at the annual party for gory guys and their ghoulfriends.
October 30, 2006
By clue 1, Sean and his girlfriend and Emma and her date were first to arrive at the party; while by clue 6, the boy dressed as Leatherface and his date and the girl dressed as Pocahontas and her date were last to arrive--so four different couples are named between the two clues. By clue 10, the boy dressed as Chucky and his date, who didn't come to the party as Pocahontas, weren't first to arrive; the boy dressed as Chucky and his date are the fifth couple to the three in clues 1 and 6. All five couples are also given in clue 12: Will and his date, Danielle and her boyfriend, the couple with the girl dressed as Cinderella, and the couples with the boys masquerading as Freddy Krueger and Jason. By clue 9, Emma's boyfriend didn't go to the party as Freddy or Jason, so Sean and the boy whose date dressed as Pocahontas went as Freddy and Jason or vice versa. By clue 12, then, Danielle wasn't with Sean and didn't dress as Pocahontas, nor did she attend the Halloween party with the boy disguised as Leatherface (clue 2). Danielle's date came to the party as Chucky. By clue 1, Will isn't Emma's boyfriend; while by clue 12, Will isn't Danielle's boyfriend and didn't come to the party as Freddy or Jason and thus wasn't with the girl dressed as Pocahontas. Will came in Leatherface guise. In clue 12, then, the girl who dressed as Cinderella is Emma. Neither Danielle (2) nor Will's girlfriend (7) went to the party as Snow White, so Sean's girlfriend did. Then Sean dressed as Jason and the boy whose date dressed as Pocahontas went to the party as Freddy Krueger (7, 12). By elimination, Emma's boyfriend dressed as Michael Myers. Beth isn't Sean's girlfriend and didn't dress as Pocahontas (3); she went to the party with Will. Then by clue 4, Ally and Sean were a couple; and Courtney disguised herself as Pocahontas. Thad took Emma to the Halloween party (8). Paul went as Freddy Krueger and Ross as Chucky (5). Finally, Danielle was dressed as Ariel and Beth as Tinker Bell (11). In sum, the five couples dressed for the Halloween Party as follows:

  • Ally & Sean, Snow White & Jason
  • Beth & Will, Tinker Bell & Leatherface
  • Courtney & Paul, Pocahontas & Freddy Krueger
  • Danielle & Ross, Ariel & Chucky
  • Emma & Thad, Cinderella & Michael Myers

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