Camp Running Bear
Former campers turned cabin counselors make summer camp fun for the boys of Camp Running Bear.
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This summer at Camp Running Bear, each of the five boys cabins is in the charge of a college student who himself enjoyed the camp's clean air, cool water, and fun and games as a middle school student. The five cabins, each of which bears the name of an Indian Tribe, are in a row facing Lake Hiawatha and are numbered 1-5 left-to-right as seen from the lake. From the information that follows, can you determine the name of each cabin #1-5 and the full name of the cabin's counselor?

  1. Mohawk Cabin is adjacent to and between the cabins with Bo and Moose as counselors.
  2. The cabin for which Eddie, who isn't Trout, is counselor has Seneca Cabin as a next-door neighbor.
  3. Chris, who isn't Huron's counselor, and Alex do not have charge of cabins adjacent to each other.
  4. Bo and Rivers are Camp Running Bear's swimming coaches.
  5. Dan's and Trout's cabins directly flank Oneida Cabin.
  6. The cabin Woods leads isn't next-door to Dan's.
  7. Counselor Lodge's cabin isn't #4.
  8. Iroquois and the cabin for which Rivers is responsible are direct neighbors of Alex's cabin.