Watercolors by Somerset artists feature local scenes in today's tough Logic Puzzle.
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Last Saturday, at the opening of Summerset Gallery's Summer Watercolors Exhibit, paintings by six different local artists were sold to local collectors. Each of the paintings is of a different Summerset scene, and each sold for a different amount of money. Given the clues below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Puzzle by finding each watercolor's title, the full name (one first name is Ian, one surname Brewer) of the artist who painted it, and how much the painting cost its buyer?

  1. The painting sold for a total of $2,200, with the least expensive costing its buyer $150.
  2. Eustis' watercolor sold for twice as much as "Monk's Cave."
  3. "Indian Mounds" sold for $100 more than Arliss' painting, which cost $100 more than Lynda's work.
  4. Neither "The Bandstand" nor "Freedman's School" sold for the highest amount; Kevin's work is neither of these two watercolors.
  5. Arliss isn't the painter of "County Courthouse."
  6. Davis' watercolor sold for more than Cramer's; neither is "Grand Falls."
  7. Heather isn't the artist who did "The Bandstand."
  8. Neither Arliss nor Farmer painted "Monk's Cave."
  9. Kevin and Cramer each entered only one work in the exhibit.
  10. James, who isn't Arliss, got more for his watercolor than the artist who painted "Freedman's School" got.
  11. Marie's painting sold for twice as much as "County Courthouse," which cost twice as much as Farmer's work did.