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The Slapdash Family in Niagara Falls
The Slapdashes leave a little of themselves behind when they visit the natural wonder.
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June 26, 2006
Last week, Sid Slapdash and his wife Sydney took their children Sally, Sammy, and Suzy to experience the wonder of Niagara Falls. The first day there, the family enjoyed five different tourist attractions, including the Whirlpool Aero Car. Of course, being the Slapdashes, not everything went perfectly, with each family member leaving a personal item behind at a different one of the tour stops. Given the clues below, can you follow the Slapdash family through Niagara Falls and determine the order in which they saw the sights and who lost what at each attraction?

  1. The Slapdash who lost the sunglasses did so at a stop sometime after the family got inundated on the hurricane deck of the Cave of the Winds but sometime earlier in the day than Sid lost his item.
  2. Sally isn't the one who lost the sunglasses.
  3. Sammy isn't the Slapdash who lost a baseball cap.
  4. At the attraction the family visited immediately after going up the Skylon Tower for an eagle's-eye view of the Falls, Suzy lost something; the sweatshirt wasn't the item left behind at either of these two sites.
  5. While the family got into waterproof gear for the Journey Behind the Falls, Sally realized she had lost something at the attraction the Slapdashes visited immediately before the Journey.
  6. The attraction at which one Slapdash lost a camera isn't the Skylon Tower.
  7. In order first-to-last but not necessarily consecutive, the Slapdashes visited these three sites: the Maid of the Mist boat ride, the attraction where one family member lost a backpack, and the locale where Sydney lost a personal item.

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