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"Most Likely to ..."
Five Summerset High graduates are honored in the school yearbook as "Most Likely to ..."
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June 19, 2006
In the 2006 Summerset High School yearbook, five seniors are honored by their classmates by being named the graduates "Most Likely to ..." Each of the five, three girls--Hannah, Layla, and Kerrie--and two boys--Ian and Jason--is comically caricatured in the yearbook in the role he or she is "Most Likely to" achieve. From the following information about the five honorees, can you find each grad's full name and what he or she is "Most Likely to ..."?

  1. At the Senior Prom in May, "Most Likely to ..." honorees Jason and the Ash girl were crowned prom king and queen.
  2. Neither the Clark boy nor the Dunn boy is the graduate "Most Likely to Appear on the Cover of Sports Illustrated."
  3. Ian is this year's graduate "Most Likely to End Up Wearing a Number," which despite its seemingly bad connotation is actually the honor for most popular classmate.
  4. The Ash girl isn't the one chosen "Most Likely to Win an Oscar."
  5. Neither Kerrie nor the Dunn boy won the "Most Likely to Walk on Mars" accolade.
  6. The senior named "Most Likely to Become President," who isn't Hannah, missed the Senior Prom to attend the National Youth Mock Congress in Washington.
  7. Kerrie, who isn't the winner whose last name is Black, isn't in the yearbook as the grad "Most Likely to Appear on the Cover of Sports Illustrated."
  8. At the prom, the Epps girl and her date were named best dancers.

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