"Totally Lost"
Which characters "depart" the popular TV series during the 2005-06 season?
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During the 2005-06 season of the TV megahit "Totally Lost," five characters, including the ballet dancer, die in various ways--one from eating poisonous roots--and thus totally depart the island on which the cast are castaways. Given the TV Guide to the series below, can you decide each character's occupation in the "real" world and how he or she is killed, as well as the order in which the five depart the show during the year?

  1. In consecutive order first-to-last, these three characters are killed off the show: Jed Major, the character who is killed in a tree house fire, and the jockey.
  2. Thad Green dies next in order after the chemical engineer.
  3. When one character--not the jockey--is gored by a wild boar, Belle Blue rushes to the resue but is too late.
  4. Molly Pelham dies earlier in the season than the character who falls off a cliff; both are eulogized on the show by the archaeologist, who also dies on a later show.
  5. After Angel Lopez, who isn't first to die during the year, dies, the news anchor is next to go; neither of these two is the character who dies after being stung by a Portuguese man-of-war.