The Bull Riders
One competitor stays on for 8.00 seconds to win the Rainbow River Rodeo bull riding event.
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In Saturday's Rainbow River Rodeo, five cowboys competed for the bull riding championship, each attempting to stay on a different bull for the required 8.00 seconds. Only one bull rider wasn't thrown before the buzzer, with each of the four other cowboys lasting a different amount of time on his bull. Given the clues below, can you stay on this Challenger Logic Puzzle by corraling each bull rider's full name and the length of time he stayed on the bull he drew in the event? (Note: the winning bull rider is officially credited with a ride time of 8.00 seconds.)

  1. The shortest ride of the five was for 3.60 seconds.
  2. Pete's ride was 1.60 seconds longer than that of the bull rider who drew L'l Dynamite in the event.
  3. Both Roper and Gore were glad one of the other bull riders drew Terror as his bull.
  4. Joe's ride was twice as long as that of Spurrier, who isn't the cowboy who rode Hercules on Saturday.
  5. Buckley's time was 1.60 seconds longer than that of Cal, who didn't ride Terror in the Rainbow River Rodeo.
  6. Gore and the cowboy who rode El Nasty are both former Texas bull riding champions.
  7. Horn's ride was twice as long as that of Rick, who isn't Spurrier.
  8. Joe rode neither Hercules nor Black Death in the event.
  9. Hank was thrown by his bull in less than 6.00 seconds.