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The Breakneck Stakes
Eight thoroughbreds run for the tulips in the second leg of horse racing's Triple Tiara.
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May 29, 2006
In Saturday's 101st Breakneck Stakes, Idaho Derby winner Zephyr Zeke and seven other thoroughbreds ran for the tulips in the second leg of horse racing's Triple Tiara series. Each horse was entered by a different stable, one by Green Acres. The eight jockeys, including Juan Valdez aboard one entry, drove the field to an exciting photo finish. Given the race call below, can you find the complete order of finish 1st-8th in the 2006 Breakneck Stakes: the horse, the stable that entered it, and the jockey who rode it in the race?

  1. Easy Ed finished one place ahead of the One Oak Stable entry, which finished one place ahead of the horse ridden by Geraldo Riviera.
  2. The silks worn by the jockeys in the Breakneck Stakes carry each stable's colors: Rolling Hills Stable's are green and yellow, Newmown Field Stable's are red and white, and Still Water Stable's are orange and black.
  3. These three thoroughbreds were win-place-show (1st-2nd-3rd) in some order in the race: Willing Willie. Steven Gary's mount, and the Still Water Stable entry.
  4. Bill Bootmaker rode the winner in the 2005 run for the tulips but the horse he rode in this year's race did not win.
  5. Sloefoot Sid finished one place ahead of Edgar Louvre's mount, which finished one place ahead of the Rolling Hills Stable entry.
  6. Rambling Ray crossed the finish line before the Tall Cedars Stable horse did.
  7. Blazing Bob finished one place ahead of the Deep Grass Stable entry.
  8. Geraldo Riviera rode neither Fleet Festus nor Sloefoot Sid in the race.
  9. Easy Ed carried its stable's blue and black silks.
  10. Raoul Julio drove his horse across the finish line one place behind the Long Reach Stable thoroughbred.
  11. Fleet Festus finished one place ahead of Pat Knight's ride, which finished one place ahead of the Newmown Field Stable entry.
  12. Kent Saddler rode Xciting Xavier in the race.
  13. The Deep Grass Stable entry wasn't Fleet Festus.
  14. Edgar Louvre didn't ride the Newmown Field Stable horse.
  15. The Rolling Hills Stable horse, which isn't Fleet Festus, wasn't the one Pat Knight rode in the Breakneck.

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