The Midget League
The Summerset Midget League begins 2006 baseball play with six teams.
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Last weekend, the Summerset Midget League kicked off its 2006 baseball season with the league's six teams playing season openers. Each team has a different sponsor, one being Dr. Spine Chiropractors, and different nickname; and each has a different coach, one having Mr. Hardy. Given the lineup of clues below, you should be able to hit a Logic Puzzle home run by finding each team's sponsor and nickname and the full name of its coach.

  1. Three teams--the A-1 Hardware team, the Tigers, and the team Al coaches--are in the Midget League's American Division.
  2. Frank isn't the coach of the little Yankees.
  3. Mr. Knox doesn't coach the team sponsored by Valley Toyota.
  4. The Dodgers coach with 12 and Ben with 10 have the most years experience coaching in the league.
  5. The White Sox aren't coached by Mr. Jones.
  6. The Dodgers coach, who isn't Al, and Coach Gomez are both former minor league pro players.
  7. The Rangers coach has coached longer in the league than the Tee It Up Pro Shop coach, who led the Tee It Up team in both the 2004 and 2005 seasons.
  8. Frank, who isn't Coach Knox or Coach Lemon, is coach of the Moose Lodge 007 squad.
  9. Neither the Chuck Wagon Restaurant team nor the Valley Toyota squad is the one nicknamed the Yankees.
  10. From most to least, Coach Ingles and then Ed are ranked next to each other in league coaching experience.
  11. The Mets, who aren't coached by Ben, and the Tee It Up Pro Shop team met each other in the 2005 championship game.
  12. Chad coaches neither the Dodgers nor the Rangers.
  13. Neither Mr. Gomez nor Mr. Ingles is Mets coach.
  14. Mr. Knox, who isn't Dave, isn't coaching the midget Tigers.
  15. The three teams in the Summerset Midget League's National Division are the Mets and the squads coached by Chad and Mr. Jones, who is the only rookie coach among the six.