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The Cat Show
Which feline wins the 2006 best-in-show award?
May 8, 2006
By clue 4, Snowball finished ahead of the Turkish Van cat, which placed higher than Erica's cat in the Summerst Cat Club Show; so Snowball was 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the event. Neither the Cornish Rex (clue 1), Russian Blue (3), nor Turkish Van (4) breed won the 1st-place ribbon, so either the Havana Brown or Manx cat did. Snowball is neither of these breeds (2) and thus didn't win the event. If Snowball had placed 3rd in the judging, with the Turkish Van cat then 4th and Erica's cat 5th (4), by clues 1 and 3, either William Wallace Winston III or Miss Muffet would be Erica's cat--no (7). Therefore, Snowball won 2nd place in the show. Erica's cat was then either 4th or 5th (4). If Erica's cat had finished 5th, since her cat is neither William Wallace Winston III nor Miss Muffet (7), by clues 1 and 3, Jan and Bill had the 1st- and 2nd-place cats or vice versa, and William Wallace Winston III and Miss Muffet were then 3rd and 4th or vice versa. However, there is no way for clue 8 to work given this arrangement. So, Erica's cat won 4th prize in the show, with the Turkish Van breed in clue 4 in 3rd place. Since Erica's cat is neither William Wallace Winston III nor Miss Muffet (7), by clues 1 and 3, those two cats placed 3rd and 5th or vice versa. If Miss Muffet had won 3rd and William Wallace Winston III 5th best, by clue 3, Bill's cat would have won the event with Snowball then a Russian Blue. By clue 1, then, the Cornish Rex breed would have placed 4th. Erica's cat would be Pericles (8) and Bill's then Frodo--a conflict with clue 6. So, William Wallace Winston III won 3rd prize and Miss Muffet 5th. By clue 1, Jan's cat won the event, and Snowball is a Cornish Rex. By clue 3, Erica's cat is a Russian Blue. If Bill were the owner of 2nd-place Snowball, by clue 8, Erica would own Pericles and Jan Frodo--which Jan does not (6), Bill's cat is William Wallace Winston III. By clue 6, Erica is Frodo's owner, and Jan entered Pericles in the cat show. Tony entered Snowball (8). By elimination, Adam is Miss Muffet's owner. Miss Muffet is a Havana Brown and Perciles a Manx (5). In sum, the order of finish in this year's Summerset Cat Club Show was

  • 1st -- Perciles, a Manx owned by Jan
  • 2nd -- Snowball, a Cornish Rex owned by Tony
  • 3rd -- William Wallace Winston III, a Turkish Van owned by Bill
  • 4th -- Frodo, a Russian Blue owned by Erica
  • 5th -- Miss Muffet, a Havana Brown owned by Adam

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