The Cat Show
Which feline wins the 2006 best-in-show award?
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At this year's Summerset Cat Club Show, five cats, each entered by a different owner and each a different breed, reached the best-in-show finals. Given the judges' decisions below, you should be able to decide the 1st-5th place awards in the event: the cat's name, breed, and owner.

  1. Jan's cat placed ahead of the Cornish Rex cat, which finished higher in the competition than William Wallace Winston III.
  2. Neither the Manx nor the Havana Brown breed in the finals is Snowball.
  3. In the final judging, Bill's entry finished higher than the Russian Blue cat, which placed higher than Miss Muffet.
  4. Snowball's finish was higher than that of the Turkish Van cat, which placed ahead of Erica's pride-and-joy.
  5. Adam's cat is not a Manx.
  6. Neither Bill nor Jan owns best-in-show finalist Frodo
  7. Neither William Wallace Winston III nor Miss Muffet belongs to Erica.
  8. Pericles placed one position ahead of Tony's cat, which isn't a Russian Blue.