Tiptoe Through the Tulips
... surrounding Tulip Lake in Tulip City Park.
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A great walk in Tulip City this time of year is through the 10 tulip gardens that encircle Tulip Lake in the city park. The gardens, each devoted to a different tulip variety, including one to Queen of the Night tulips, abut each other with Tulip Walk passing through each once as it circles the lake. Each garden surrounds a statue of one of the city's illustrious citizens, including one of Tulip City notable Janet O'Brien; each honored person was famous in his or her day in some way, with one being an early explorer of Antarctica. From the clues below, can you find the order in which the 10 tulip gardens clockwise fringe Tulip Lake: the variety of tulip in the bed, the person whose statue is among the garden's flowers, and why he or she has been honored by Tulip City? (Note: all location information in the clues is in clockwise order.)

  1. Along Tulip Walk, the garden where the Celebration tulips are planted is followed next by the garden with the statue of the painter in it, which is then followed by the bed where Harriet Slater's monument stands.
  2. The statue commemorating the jazz legend, who wasn't Harriet Slater, isn't in the garden with the King Midas tulips.
  3. The garden containing the Swan Wings variety was added to the park in 2003.
  4. After walking through the garden planted with Blushing Lady tulips and then through another of the gardens--which does not have the statue of the inventor in it--a visitor would next be in the Orange Dynasty tulip garden.
  5. These three gardens are in consecutive order around Tulip Lake: the one with the state senator's statue; the bed where Wilhelmina Shelley is honored; and the King Midas tulip garden.
  6. The statue of the painter, who wasn't Walter Harding, isn't in the Fancy Frills garden.
  7. After seeing the statue of Benjamin Goldsmith in one garden, a visitor passes through another garden and then comes to the garden where the monument to the Olympic gold medal marathoner is placed.
  8. The garden containing the statue of the noted local philanthropist, who wasn't Daniel Walker, immediately follows the garden where the author is memorialized.
  9. The garden planted with Celebration tulips, which doesn't have the Wilhelmina Shelley statue in it, and the garden where the jazz artist is honored are near Tulip City park's bandstand.
  10. Wilhelmina Shelley wasn't a famous painter.
  11. The monument to the bestselling author isn't in the Pillow Talk bed.
  12. In three consecutive gardens a visitor sees Fancy Frills tulips, a statue of the city's longtime police chief, and the garden first opened in 1958 with a statue of Walter Harding in it.
  13. Around Tulip Lake, the garden where the statue of the noted educator is located is followed next by the garden where Robert Tipton's monument stands, which is then followed by the bed where the Morning Glow tulips are planted
  14. Harriet Slater, the state senator, and the citizen whose statue is among the Swan Wings tulips all three were also avid tulip growers.
  15. The Olympic champion's statue is in neither the Celebration nor the King Midas garden.
  16. These three gardens are in consecutive order around Tulip Lake: the one with Daniel Walker's statue in it; the bed where Swan Wings tulips are planted; and the garden where the jazz musician's statue stands.
  17. Walter Harding wasn't the senator.
  18. The police chief, who wasn't Wilhelmina Shelley, was honored with the 1969 opening of the garden in which his statue is located; the garden isn't planted with King Midas tulips.
  19. The statue in the King Midas garden isn't the one of Tulip City notable Daniel Walker.
  20. Going around Tulip Walk, a visitor first sees the inventor's monument, next views the statue of Ambrose Millstone, and then immediately walks among the Pillow Talk tulips.
  21. The Banja Luka tulip garden is located immediately after the garden where the statue of Charles Parkinson stands.
  22. Honored citizen Thomas Bankhead wasn't the gold medal marathoner.