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Last-Minute Tax Returns
Five couples file their 1040s first thing this morning.
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April 17, 2006
When the R & H Knock tax office opened early this morning, Mr. & Mrs. Wyman and four other couples were waiting at the door to get their 2005 returns professionally prepared. As it turned out, all five couples happily learned that they were due tax refunds from the IRS, with no two couples getting the same dollar amount back. Given the tax info below, you should be able to compute each couple's full names and how much they will be receiving from their income tax overpayment.

  1. The couple receiving the largest refund are due back twice as much as the couple getting the second-largest refund.
  2. Ian and his wife, who isn't Debra, aren't getting the biggest refund but are happy not to owe money to the IRS.
  3. The Paulman's refund is for $1,000 more than the amount due Brenda and her husband.
  4. Lon and his wife are getting back $500 more than Ellen and her husband, while Ellen and her husband are due $1,000 more than Mr. & Mrs. Rodman.
  5. Jeff and his wife and Alice and her husband celebrated their good news by having breakfast together at the Chadwick Cafe.
  6. Both Christie and her husband and the Shermans had enough deductions to itemize using Schedule A.
  7. Mark and his wife will receive a refund $500 bigger than the Trumans' and $1,000 more than Debra and her husband's.
  8. Keith and his wife are due a refund from the IRS of $1,500.

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