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The Handyman Can
Hank Handy keeps the residents of Summerset Towers happy with quick repairs.
April 10, 2006
From the introduction, Summerset Towers is a 9-story building, and Hank made each repair on a different floor. By clue 4, Hank's 5th and final repair was at the Monroes' apartment on the 6th floor. By clue 5, then, Hank opened the clogged sink either 1st or 2nd. If he had opened the clogged sink 2nd, with his 9th floor visit then 3rd and his repair at the Clintons 4th in clue 5, by clue 1, since the Wilsons couldn't live on the 9th floor or the Clintons would be on a non-existent 11th floor, the Wilson repair would have been 2nd and the broken lock 3rd. However, there is no way for clue 3 to work given this arrangement. So, in clue 5, Hank's first repair was to unclog the sink in one apartment. In clue 5, then, his 9th floor repair was either the 2nd or 3rd one. If it had been 3rd, with his visit to the Clintons' apartment 4th, by clue 3, Hank would have repaired the loose tile 2nd and visited the Fords 3rd--but the loose tile repair then would have been in an apartment on the non-existent 11th floor. Therefore, Hank's 9th floor repair was 2nd and the work in the Clintons' apartment 3rd. By clue 3, Hank repaired a loose tile in the Clintons' apartment and visited the Ford residence 4th. By clue 1, the 1st repair was at the Wilsons and 2nd of a broken lock, with the Wilsons having their apartment on the 7th floor. By elimination, Hank fixed the lock at the Jacksons' apartment. By clue 2, the leaking shower head wasn't in the Monroes' apartment or the Fords would live on a 10th floor. The leaking shower head was fixed at the Fords and the cracked window at the Monroes, with the Fords being on the 2nd floor. Then the tile repair was on the 4th floor (clue 3). In sum Hank Handy made repairs at the Summerset Towers as follows:

  • 1st -- the Wilsons, 7th floor, clogged sink
  • 2nd -- the Jacksons, 9th floor, broken lock
  • 3rd -- the Clintons, 4th floor, loose tile
  • 4th -- the Fords, 2nd floor, leaking shower head
  • 5th -- the Monroes, 6th floor, cracked window

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