The Handyman Can
Hank Handy keeps the residents of Summerset Towers happy with quick repairs.
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Last Friday morning, handyman Hank Handy had five calls for repair work in the 9-story Summerset Towers Apartments. Each call came from a different tenant--one from the Jacksons--living on a different floor of the building and having a different repair problem for Hank to fix. From the clues below, you should be able to map out Hank's repair route: in order 1st-5th, the floor on which each tenant lives and the work the handyman did for them.

  1. Immediately after working in the Wilsons' apartment, Hank went up 2 floors to fix a broken lock.
  2. The apartment in which Hank repaired a leaking shower head is 4 floors below the apartment in which he replaced a window cracked during a recent hailstorm.
  3. Immediately after regrouting a loose tile in one apartment, Hank went down 2 floors to work in the Fords' apartment.
  4. Hank's 5th and final repair was at the Monroes on the 6th floor.
  5. The handyman's repair on the 9th floor was later in the morning than his opening of a clogged sink but earlier than his visit to the Clinton apartment.