Crab Feast
Four friends enjoy the Crab Shack's crustaceous fare.
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Last Thursday, while they were in Ocean City at an insurance sales convention, Mr. Salmon and three friends enjoyed dinner at the famous Crab Shack. Each diner chose one of the restaurant's crab entrees to enjoy, and each accompanied the crab dish with a potato (one had scalloped potatoes) and vegetable (one had cauliflower) choice. The four sat one to a side of a square table overlooking the Big Indian Bay. Given the carte de jour below, can you find each man's full name and complete dinner choices and the clockwise order in which they were seated at their table?

  1. Henry was seated directly opposite the man who ordered crab imperial.
  2. Kenny sat to the immediate right of the insurance salesman who chose the soft shell crabs as his entree.
  3. Ian was to Mr. Bass's immediate left at the table.
  4. The diner who chose the Crab Shack's signature crab cakes didn't have green beans with them.
  5. Jeffrey isn't the diner who added the baked potato to his meal.
  6. Mr. Whiting, who isn't the one who ordered broccoli with his dinner, sat directly across from the friend who picked French fries as his potato.
  7. Kenny and Mr. Bass both remarked on the beautiful red sunset reflected off the waters of Big Indian Bay.
  8. Mr. Trout sat directly opposite the diner who had red beets as his vegetable.
  9. The one who ordered green beans sat to the immediate right of the man who has mashed potatoes.
  10. Henry's entree choice wasn't soft shell crabs and potato choice wasn't French fries.
  11. Ian and Mr. Whiting are both with State Farm Insurance.
  12. The diner who selected crab au gratin as his entree sat directly across from the friend who added broccoli as his vegetable.