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Art for Art's Sake
Art Arthur adds paintings by four new artists to his collection.
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March 20, 2006
When Art Arthur recently attended the gala opening of the Summerset Gallery, he spent $15,000 on four paintings by local artists, one of them Peter Picasso, with each artwork going for a different dollar figure. From the facts below, you should be able to solve this artful Logic Puzzle of the artist and subject (one is titled Nasturtiums) of each painting Art Arthur collected and how much he paid for the work.

  1. Immediately after buying Starry Sky, Arthur bought Rosa Rothko's painting, paying $4,500 less for the Rothko than for Starry Sky.
  2. Lisa Mona didn't cost Art the smallest sum, $1,500, he paid for one of the four artworks.
  3. The Cher Chagall work did not cost the most to buy.
  4. Immediately after buying the Gregory Goya painting, Art Arthur bought The Cry--for $1,500 more than he spent on Goya's work.

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