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The Sporty Award
Five local sports reporters are nominated for best human interest feature.
March 13, 2006
Three of the nominees are given in clue 11: Jeff, Jackson, and the WIDE-TV sportscaster. The nominee who is on WJAM-TV isn't Jeff (clue 5) or Jackson (4) and is then the 4th nominee to the three in clue 11. Lisa isn't the WJAM-TV nominee (5), Jackson (8), or the WIDE-TV sportscaster (10); so she is the 5th Sporty nominee to the four already named. Adam isn't on WIDE-TV or WJAM-TV (12), so he is Jackson. Brian and Vanessa are on WIDE-TV and WJAM-TV or vice versa. By clue 7, then, neither of those two is the nominee for the piece on the Special Little League. By clue 8, neither Adam nor Lisa did the Special Little League feature; Jeff did--on WAIR-TV (9). Neither Vanessa (1) nor Brian (2) is nominee Tavares, so Tavares isn't on either WIDE-TV or WJAM-TV. By clue 6, Jeff on WAIR-TV isn't Tavares. Lisa is Tavares. Neither the WIDE-TV (3) nor the WAIR-TV (6) sports reporter is Price, so the WJAM-TV personality is. The WTV-TV sports reporter is Jackson (2) and the WNEW-TV personality Tavares. WJAM-TV's nominated segemnt isn't the one on ex-Harlem Globetrotter Skylark Orange (3); nor, by clue 9, is the WTV-TV or WNEW-TV feature about the ex-Globetrotter. The WIDE-TV sports reporter profiled the former Harlem Globetrotter player. The WIDE-TV personality is Davis (3), and the WAIR-TV nominee is Rivers. By clue 2, Brian is Davis and Vanessa Price. The profile of the Sluggers rookie manager was shown by WNEW-TV (4). Adam followed J. J. Jones' football recruiting and Vanessa featured Olympic kayaker Rocky Rowe (12). In sum, this year's Sporty Award for best human interest segment will go to one of

  • Adam Jackson, WTV-TV, football recruiting
  • Brian Davis, WIDE-TV, ex-Harlem Globetrotter
  • Jeff Rivers, WAIR-TV, Special Little League
  • Lisa Tavares, WNEW-TV, rookie manager
  • Vanessa Price, WJAM-TV, Olympic kayaker

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