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All-Around All-Star
5th graders compete in academic and athletic skills to become the All-Around All-Star.
March 6, 2006
Neither Jesse (1), Eric (4), Micah (clue 9), nor Ian (10) is the All-Around All-Star, so either Alex or David won the event. Neither the Moore boy (1), the Case boy (4), the Wild boy(9), nor the Trent boy (10) won the game, so either the Blake boy or the Long boy did. However, since the Blake boy isn't Alex or David (11), one of whom won, the Blake boy isn't the All-Around All-Star either. The Long boy won the competition. By clue 10, Ian, the one eliminated immediately after the Water Ballon Catch contest, and the Trent boy were eliminated in order either 1-2-3, 2-3-4, or 3-4-5. If they were eliminated 1-2-3, with Ian off first, the Water Ballon Catch the 2nd skills contest, and the Trent boy off 3rd, by clue 1, Jesse Moore, who was eliminated immediately after botching the Penny Pitch contest but wasn't one of the last two in the contest, would have been 4th off. Eric isn't the Trent boy (6), so by clue 4, Eric would be 2nd off and Ian would have to be the Case boy--no (5). If the three in clue 10 were voted off 2-3-4, with Ian 2nd off, the Water Ballon Catch the 3rd athletic event, and the Trent boy off 4th, by clue 1, Jesse Moore would have been 1st off after messing up the Penny Pitch. Again, however, since Eric isn't the Trent boy (6), by clue 4, Eric would be the 3rd one eliminated from the event, and Ian would be the Case boy--no (5). Therefore, the three in clue 10 were eliminated after rounds 3-4-5, with Ian 3rd to lose, the Water Ballon Catch the 4th skills contest, and the Trent boy the last one to go. By clue 7, Micah survived at least two rounds of competition, but by clue 9, Micah didn't make it to the 5th round. Micah was 4th out of the All-Around All-Star game. By clue 9, then, the math quiz was the 5th-round academic challenge. Eric isn't the Case, Long (4), Trent, or Wild (6) boy and is the Blake boy. By clue 8, Eric Blake wasn't 1st to be eliminated and was then 2nd out of the event, with science being the topic of the 1st-round academic quiz. Jesse Moore was the 1st 5th grader to be eliminated from the competition after failing at the Penny Pitch (1). By clue 5, Ian is Wild and Micah Case. By clue 4, the Obstacle Course was the 5th-round game. Goal! was the 3rd skills contest (8), and 3-Pointer the 2nd. By clue 7, history was the topic of the 3rd academic quiz. By clue 2, the 2nd quiz was in geography and the 4th the spelling bee. Alex is All-Around All-Star Long and David is runner-up Trent (3). The All-Around All-Star quizzes and contests and which competitor was eliminated after each round are as follows:

  • 1st - science & Penny Pitch, Jesse Moore
  • 2nd - geography & 3-Pointer, Eric Blake
  • 3rd - history & Goal!, Ian Wild
  • 4th - spelling & Water Ballon Catch, Micah Case
  • 5th - math & Obstacle Course , David Trent
  • All-Around All-Star - Alex Long

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