All-Around All-Star
5th graders compete in academic and athletic skills to become the All-Around All-Star.
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As part of its Winterfest celebration, Cozy Valley Elementary held an All-Around All-Star contest in which 5th graders competed in academic and athletic competition to determine the best all-around student. In the boys event, six 5th graders started the contest, with one eliminated from the competition after each of five rounds. Each round had a quiz in a different academic subject and a physical skills challenge to decide who should continue in the competition. From the clues below, you should be able to become a Logic Puzzle All-Star by determining the quiz subject and athletic contest in each of the five rounds, who was eliminated from the contest after each round, and who won the title of All-Around All-Star.

  1. Jesse Moore was eliminated from the event after the round in which he failed to score a single point in the Penny Pitch. The Penny Pitch wasn't the 5th-round skills contest of All-Around All-Star.
  2. The geography quiz was in an earlier round than the spelling bee was.
  3. David and the Long boy both hoped music would be one of the quiz events, but it wasn't.
  4. Neither Eric nor the Case boy survived to the round where the remaining competitors staggered to the finish on the Obstacle Course .
  5. Ian and the Case boy are on the Cozy Valley Elementary safety patrol.
  6. At one point in the competition, Eric tried to trash talk the Trent and Wild boys so he could beat them in the skills event.
  7. In one round. Micah managed to survive the quiz in history, his worst subject; while in another round, he hit four 3-Pointers to move on in the contest.
  8. The Blake boy enjoyed the science quiz and wasn't eliminated after the round in which science was the quiz topic, but he didn't last long enough in the competition to play Goal!, where the contestants tried to kick soccer balls past the school phys ed teacher to score.
  9. When the remaining competitors took the math quiz, Micah and the Wild boy had already been eliminated from the contest.
  10. These three students were eliminated from the contest consecutively first to last: Ian, the one washed out after having every balloon thrown to him burst during the Water Ballon Catch, and the Trent boy.
  11. Alex, David, and the Blake boy helped design the games played in the athletics skills events.