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Pinball Players
Pinball players score big to become Boardwalk champs.
February 27, 2006
From the introduction, each of the five winning scores was a different number of points. By clue 1, the five scores totaled 16 billion points, with a high score of 6 billion. By clue 6, Mark's scored 2 billion more points than the Twilight Zone winner, who scored 2 billion more points than Crockett did in his win. By clue 10, Ken tallied 2 billion more points than Evans did. Ken can't have won on the Twilight Zone in clue 6, since then Crockett (6) and Evans (10) would have scored the same number of points. Evans can't have won on the Twilight Zone, since then Mark (6) and Ken (10) would have scored the same number of points. So, either Ken is Crockett, Mark is Evans, or all five pinball players are named in clues 6 and 10. If either of the first two cases were true, and given that Ken or Mark had scored the high of 6 billion points, three others would have tallied 4 billion, 2 billion, and 0--a conflict with the introduction which states that each scored a different number of points. So, between clues 6 and 10, all five players are named; and either Mark or Ken scored the high of 6 billion. If Ken had tallied 6 billion points, Evans would have scored 4 billion (10). The three in clue 6 would then have scored a total of $6 billion (1). However, even if Crockett's score were only 1 point, the Twilight Zone winner would have scored 2,000,000,001 and Mark 4,000,000,001, a total of $6,000,000,003 and a contradiction. Mark therefore scored the high of 6 billion, with the Twilight Zone champion scoring 4 billion and Crockett 2 billion (6). The remaining 4 billion points (1) must be split so that Ken scored 2 billion more than Evans (10)--so Ken's winning score was 3 billion and Evans' was 1 billion. By clue 3, the Monopoly winner scored twice as many points as Joe did in his victory. The Monopoly winner must be Crockett, and Joe is Evans. By clue 4, the player who represented Cap'n Carl's Amusements tallied twice as many points as the Frankenstein champion. Since Ken isn't the Frankenstein champion (10), Joe must be; and Crockett won his title on the Monopoly pinball machine as the representative of Cap'n Carl's Amusements. By clue 11, Crockett is Sam; and Brett won on the Twilight Zone. Also by clue 11, then, Mark is champion at the Addams Family game. By elimination, Ken's victory came on the Theater of Magic game. Ken's surname is Rivers (9). By clue 5, Mark is Thurmond and Brett Wilson. Joe won the Frankenstein title playing for Freddy's House of Fun (2). Neither Mark Thurmond (7) nor Twilight Zone champion Brett (12) represented Pacific Pier, so Theater of Magic winner Ken did. By clue 8, finally, Mark played for James' Games, and Brett represented Big Al's Arcade. In sum, the five pinball champions in the Sanata Isabela tournament are

  • Mark Thurmond, James' Games, Addams Family, 6 billion
  • Brett Wilson, Big Al's Arcade, Twilight Zone, 4 billion
  • Ken Rivers, Pacific Pier, Theater of Magic, 3 billion
  • Sam Crockett, Cap'n Carl's Amusements, Monopoly, 2 billion
  • Joe Evans, Freddy's House of Fun, Frankenstein, 1 billion

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