Pinball Players
Pinball players score big to become Boardwalk champs.
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At the recent Santa Isabela Boardwalk Pinball Tournament, Sam and four other local players each had the top score on one of the five pinball machines played in the event. Each of the five represented a different Santa Isabela game arcade in the contest, with one playing for Big Al's Arcade; and each scored a different number of points in his winning effort. Given the data that follows, you should be able to find each pinball player's full name, the arcade he represented in the tournament, the pinball machine on which he is champion, and his winning score.

  1. The total of the five winning scores was 16 billion, with the most scored on any machine 6 billion.
  2. Rivers' score was higher than that of the player from Freddy's House of Fun.
  3. The Monopoly pinball game champion scored twice as many points as Joe did.
  4. The pinball player representing Cap'n Carl's Amusements scored twice as many points as the Frankenstein game champion.
  5. In addition to having the high score on one game, Wilson had the second-highest total on the Addams Family pinball game.
  6. Mark scored 2 billion more points than the Twilight Zone champion, who racked up 2 billion more points than Crockett did in his winning effort.
  7. Thurmond isn't the one of the five who represented Pacific Pier.
  8. Wilson isn't the player entered by James' Games.
  9. Neither Wilson nor Thurmond is the one who won on the Theater of Magic pinball machine.
  10. Evans scored 2 billion fewer points than Ken, who isn't the player who had the high score on Frankenstein.
  11. Brett, who isn't the player who represented Cap'n Carl's Amusements in the tournament, had a lower winning score than the champion who won on the Addams Family game.
  12. The Pacific Pier player's win wasn't on the Twilight Zone.